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 (prō′tē-ōs′, -ōz′)
Any of various water-soluble compounds that are produced during digestion by the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins.


(ˈprəʊtɪˌəʊs; -ˌəʊz)
(Biochemistry) rare any of a group of compounds formed during proteolysis that are less complex than metaproteins but more so than peptones. Also called (esp US): albumose
[C20: from protein + -ose2]


(ˈproʊ tiˌoʊs)

any of a class of soluble compounds derived from proteins by the action of the gastric juices, pancreatic juices, etc.
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The Staphylococcus strains were grown on medium Manitol Salt Agar (MSA) consisting of Proteose peptone 5g\L, Sodium chloride 75g\L, and Mannitol 10g\L, Phenol red 0.
Figure 1: Whey Proteins are the Healthy Constituent of Milk WHEY PROTEINS [beta]-lactoglobulin 35% [alpha]-lactalbumin 12% glycomacropeptide 12% proteose peptone 12% immunoglobulins 8% serum albumin 5% lactoferrin 1% lactoperoxidase 0.
Briefly, the media was biphasic, consisting of Bacto agar with Proteose Peptone No.
Other medium recommended for axenic culture are Proteose Peptone-yeast extract-glucose medium, and Trypticase soy broth medium.