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 (prō′tē-ōs′, -ōz′)
Any of various water-soluble compounds that are produced during digestion by the hydrolytic breakdown of proteins.


(ˈprəʊtɪˌəʊs; -ˌəʊz)
(Biochemistry) rare any of a group of compounds formed during proteolysis that are less complex than metaproteins but more so than peptones. Also called (esp US): albumose
[C20: from protein + -ose2]


(ˈproʊ tiˌoʊs)

any of a class of soluble compounds derived from proteins by the action of the gastric juices, pancreatic juices, etc.
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Trends, proteoses and perspectives in customer driven NPD (new product development), in the food and personal care product industries are the focus of the opening chapters, specific topics include evolution in food retailing and advances in concept research.
The third category is derived proteins that include, primarily, proteins, metallicproteins, albuminates and secondary, proteoses, peptones and peptides.