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(prō-thŏn′ə-tĕr′ē, prō′thə-nō′tə-rē) also pro·ton·o·tar·y (prō-tŏn′ə-tĕr′ē, prō′tə-nō′tə-rē)
n. pl. pro·thon·o·tar·ies also pro·ton·o·tar·ies
The principal clerk in certain courts of law.

[Middle English prothonotarie, from Medieval Latin prōthonotārius, from Late Latin prōtonotārius : Greek prōto-, proto- + Latin notārius, secretary (from nota, mark; see gnō- in Indo-European roots).]

pro·thon′o·tar′i·al (prō-thŏn′ə-târ′ē-əl, prō′thə-nō-târ′-) adj.


(ˌprəʊθəˈnəʊtərɪ; -trɪ; prəʊˈθɒnə-) or


n, pl -taries
(Law) (formerly) a chief clerk in certain law courts
[C15: from Medieval Latin prōthonotārius, from prōtho- proto- + Late Latin notārius notary]
prothonotarial, proˌtonoˈtarial adj


(proʊˈθɒn əˌtɛr i, ˌproʊ θəˈnoʊ tə ri)

also protonotary

n., pl. -tar•ies.
1. a chief clerk in certain courts of law.
2. Rom. Cath. Ch.
a. one of a body of officials in the papal curia assigned solemn clerical duties.
b. an honorary title for certain other prelates.
[1400–50; < Medieval Latin prōthonotārius, Late Latin prōtonotārius < Greek prōtonotarios. See proto-, notary]
pro•thon`o•tar′i•al (-ˈtɛər i əl) adj.
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Every four years, an independent three-person commission is established to inquire into the adequacy of the compensation and benefits of federally appointed judges and Federal Court prothonotaries.
Federal Court, Judges and Prothonotaries, online: Federal Court <http://www.
12(5) says that prothonotaries are subject to the Public Service Superannuation Act; Saskatchewan provides special legislation for Court officials: the Court Officials Act, 1984, S.