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(word root) first
Examples of words with the root proto-: prototype
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Adj.1.proto - indicating the first or earliest or original; "`proto' is a combining form in a word like `protolanguage' that refers to the hypothetical ancestor of another language or group of languages"
combining form - a bound form used only in compounds; "`hemato-' is a combining form in words like `hematology'"
early - at or near the beginning of a period of time or course of events or before the usual or expected time; "early morning"; "an early warning"; "early diagnosis"; "an early death"; "took early retirement"; "an early spring"; "early varieties of peas and tomatoes mature before most standard varieties"
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There were Glauce, Thalia and Cymodoce, Nesaia, Speo, Thoe and dark-eyed Halie, Cymothoe, Actaea and Limnorea, Melite, Iaera, Amphithoe and Agave, Doto and Proto, Pherusa and Dynamene, Dexamene, Amphinome and Callianeira, Doris, Panope, and the famous sea-nymph Galatea, Nemertes, Apseudes and Callianassa.
Even so, one (or at least a non-linguist) has to 'work' these chapters almost as much as Chapters 6 and 8 to properly grasp any archaeological implications beyond "Proto Oceanic probably had item x or performed action y".
Proto Thema said the suspects, who were all migrant workers, were questioned over mobile phone calls linked to the suicide bombers and another man in Pakistan wanted for questioning about the attacks.
The "PROTO" and "EVAL" boards both contain an alphanumeric LCD display and provide CAT5E connectors to demonstrate the high-speed LVDS functionality of the A3P250 (and larger) devices within the ProASIC3/E family.
We are the dubbed or subtitled version.') Unfortunately, Francesco Proto's two introductory chapters have all the pretentiousness of their hero without any of his humour, and the two interviews, conducted by Proto and by Jean Nouvel, are presented in the question and answer format favoured by lazy editors.
The group said "in a fast track approach, the DEMO and PROTO generations could be combined into a single step...." This, however, would require an intense parallel effort on the development of low activation materials.
Consequently, the layout of Proto 2000 does not represent a radical departure from its predecessor, which was known as Phase II.
The enhanced Bluetooth protocol stack and Proto Developer are available now.
Alex Cook, innovation manager at Proto, which is owned and managed by Gateshead Council, said: "With over 2,000 sq ft of creative space, Proto houses a 12-camera optitrack system for motion capture, a capture stage for 3D scanning with 121 cameras and a full sound recording studio, as well as AI driven facial recognition software, a selection of 360 degree cameras and more.
The Lansing Economic Area Partnership (LEAP) announced the launch of a new insurtech accelerator program, PROTO InsurTech, to inspire and stimulate innovation and entrepreneurship in the insurance industry.
Under the terms of the agreement, Proto Labs will acquire Rapid for an aggregate purchase price of USD 120m consisting of USD 110m in cash and USD 10m in Proto Labs stock.
Billionaire Bill Gates on Friday denied claims by Italian-bases realtor Proto Enterprises that he had bought an islet off Cyprus.