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Noun1.protoctist family - any of the families of Protoctista
kingdom Protoctista, Protoctista - in most modern classifications, replacement for the Protista; includes: Protozoa; Euglenophyta; Chlorophyta; Cryptophyta; Heterokontophyta; Rhodophyta; unicellular protists and their descendant multicellular organisms: regarded as distinct from plants and animals
family Globigerinidae, Globigerinidae - a family of protoctists
family Nummulitidae, Nummulitidae - a family of fossil protoctists
Arcellidae, family Arcellidae - soil and freshwater protozoa; cosmopolitan in distribution
family Tribonemaceae, Tribonemaceae - simple filamentous freshwater yellow-green algae
family Laminariaceae, Laminariaceae - large family of marine brown algae including many economically important large kelps chiefly of northern waters
family Fucaceae, Fucaceae - small family of brown algae: gulfweeds; rockweeds
Euglenaceae, family Euglenaceae - considered green algae
family Ulvaceae, sea-lettuce family, Ulvaceae - thin flat or tubular green algae
family Volvocaceae, Volvocaceae - unicellular or colonial biflagellate free-swimming flagellates
Chlamydomonadaceae, family Chlamydomonadaceae - green algae some of which are colored red by hematochrome
family Zygnemataceae, Zygnemataceae - pond scums: common freshwater algae forming green slimy masses
family Oedogoniaceae, Oedogoniaceae - filamentous green algae
Characeae, family Characeae - green algae superficially resembling horsetail ferns: stoneworts
Desmidiaceae, family Desmidiaceae - unicellular algae
family Gigartinaceae, Gigartinaceae - a family of protoctist
family Rhodymeniaceae, Rhodymeniaceae - a family of protoctist
Bangiaceae, family Bangiaceae - a family of protoctist
family Peridiniidae, Peridiniidae - marine and freshwater dinoflagellates
Eimeriidae, family Eimeriidae - a family of protoctist in the order Coccidia
family Plasmodiidae, Plasmodiidae - malaria parasites
Babesiidae, family Babesiidae - piroplasms and cattle pathogens
family - (biology) a taxonomic group containing one or more genera; "sharks belong to the fish family"
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