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 (prō′tō-hĭs′tə-rē, -hĭs′trē)
The study of a culture just before the time of its earliest recorded history.

pro′to·his·tor′i·an (-hĭ-stôr′ē-ən, -stŏr′-) n.
pro′to·his·tor′ic (-hĭ-stôr′ĭk, -stŏr′-) adj.
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1. (Historical Terms) a student of or expert in protohistory
2. (Historical Terms) obsolete an early historian
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Indeed the Roman 'interlude' is superimposed on an indigenous continuum which endures from the last centuries BC to the Middle Ages: this idea of an episode without deep cultural consequences has also sometimes been proposed for Gaul and is recently making a come-back in an ideological rapprochement between Continental protohistorians and early-medievalists; but once again, France is not Britain and I would find it difficult to dismiss the impact the Roman conquest had on Gaul.