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The Mulli material belongs in a transitional period between prehistory and protohistory, pre-Christian and Christian beliefs.
000 BC (2008), Disney's Atlantis (2001), Hercules (1983) and The English Patient (1996) linked Egyptian protohistory with the construct of the big picture of the so-called far-advanced civilization, out of which the Egyptian [civilization] would emerge.
He discusses prehistory and protohistory of wine, viniculture in Italy, viticulture, vinification, and distribution and consumption.
8) Ian Glover, 'Ban Don Ta Phet and its relevance to problems in the pre- and protohistory of Thailand', BIPPA 2 (1980): 16-30.
As stated by Langois (1982), the stage for this activity is the city, a big urban archaeological site over which different levels of occupation have been superimposed since protohistory until today.
Interaction and acculturation in the Mediterranean: proceedings of the second international congress of Mediterranean pre- and protohistory, Amsterdam, 19-23 November 1980.
The 'new' survival of hominin fossils becomes productive of the interiorisation of others within the 'we' of Homo sapiens; disrupting a prehistoric protohistory that 'grounds' contemporary Homo sapiens within the lineage of the Earth (a process that naturalises humans to every continent except Antarctica).
7) Unlike Bague Quilez, however, who centers his attention on the relationship between the author and the poetas detective and whose chief function is to reflect upon literature (496-97), or Adriana Castillo de Berchenko, who analyses only in passing what she calls the "poeta-detective" (45) in Los perros romanticos and Tres, I seek to provide a kind of overall protohistory of the detective genre in Bolano's poetic production.
de and Institut fur Archaologische Wissenschaften, chair of Pre- and Protohistory, Universitatsstr.
In this regard, it can most certainly be argued that "the haunting work of sex [is a] driving trope for identity formation in an originating protohistory of America.
Genesis 1-11 aims to provide the true pre- and protohistory of the Bible's alternative worldview story, whose "purpose is to shape Israel's view of God, the world, and mankind, and their place in it all.
He covers piecing together the picture, prehistory and protohistory, the kingdoms of Arabia Felix, and religion and material culture.