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 (prō-tŏn′ə-tĕr′ē, prō′tə-nō′tə-rē)
Variant of prothonotary.


(proʊˈθɒn əˌtɛr i, ˌproʊ θəˈnoʊ tə ri)

also protonotary

n., pl. -tar•ies.
1. a chief clerk in certain courts of law.
2. Rom. Cath. Ch.
a. one of a body of officials in the papal curia assigned solemn clerical duties.
b. an honorary title for certain other prelates.
[1400–50; < Medieval Latin prōthonotārius, Late Latin prōtonotārius < Greek prōtonotarios. See proto-, notary]
pro•thon`o•tar′i•al (-ˈtɛər i əl) adj.
References in classic literature ?
A moment later, the grave and learned Robert Mistricolle, the king's protonotary, passed, with an enormous missal under one arm and his wife on the other (Damoiselle Guillemette la Mairesse), having thus by his side his two regulators,--spiritual and temporal.
Pope Paul VI reduced the monsignori to three ranks: the apostolic protonotary, honorary prelate, and chaplain of His Holiness, each rank with its own coat of arms and ecclesiastical dress accessories.
1455: aged 24-uncle elected Pope, appoints Rodrigo protonotary apostolic
Officials said there are three grades of monsignor: "protonotary apostolic," which are usually given to priests working at the Vatican; "prelates of honor to his Holiness," which are historically associated with those involved with the papal court; and "chaplains to his Holiness," which may be conferred to priests inside or outside the Roman Curia, the Vatican's administrative apparatus.
Tasso, 1998, 735: "or son mutate I'usanze, e gli ascoltatori son mascherati, e smascherati gli istrioni." As for Carnival in Ferrara, in 1526 the humanist protonotary Celio Calcagnino dedicated a defense of Carnival, his Apologus cui titulus personati, to Alfonso I d'Este, a work that Tomaso Garzoni summarizes and generally rebuts in his chapter on masquerades in his Piazza universale (dedicated to Alfonso II d'Este); Garzoni cites the disorder occasioned by Carnival, a disorder that, ironically, he himself partly replicates in his Piazza.
Meanwhile, in 1977, he was appointed protonotary apostolic, becoming provost of the cathedral chapter 10 years later.
The bull (with bulla) was signed by Pope John Paul II and countersigned by Monsignor Angelo Lanzoni, Protonotary Apostolic.
We are not installed ceremoniously as protonotary apostolics or monsignors.
She mentions two political exiles from Genoa: Obietto Fieschi, an apostolic protonotary, and Paolo Campofregoso, archbishop of his city.
(32.) Account of Leipzig Consistory protonotary, November 23, 1703, 41-41', 44-44'.
The cabby is some sort of supervisory tollkeeper, the protonotary of sins.