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The complex, semifluid, translucent substance that constitutes the interior matter of a living cell and is composed of proteins, fats, and other molecules suspended in water. It includes the cytoplasm, the nucleus in eukaryotes, and organelles such as mitochondria.

pro′to·plas′mic (-plăz′mĭk), pro′to·plas′mal (-plăz′məl), pro′to·plas·mat′ic (-plăz-măt′ĭk) adj.
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Thus the fungus brings out the terrifying news that is only implicit in protoplasmic physicalism: life is always already dead.
"The slime mold based gates are non-electronic, simple and inexpensive, and several gates can be realized simultaneously at the sites where protoplasmic tubes merge," conclude Adamatzky and Schubert.
In this context, the oxidation and dissolution of protoplasmic fractions and from water soluble compounds comprise the main processes responsible for the rapid mass loss in the early stages of decomposition (Bianchini Junior and Cunha-Santino, 2011).
Waagepetersen et al., "The transcriptome and metabolic gene signature of protoplasmic astrocytes in the adult murine cortex," The Journal of Neuroscience, vol.
It also has the same disintegrative effect on the neurolemmal membranes throughout the body, showing how protoplasmic poisoning is invariably induced at many levels by the [Al.sup.3+] species.
There are two different types of astrocytes, that is, protoplasmic astrocytes and fibrous astrocytes.
However, initiation of the protoplasmic fusion in some PMCs seems to have taken place at later stages like diakinesis (Figures 1(c) and 1(d)) and metaphase-I (Figure 1(b)).
However, at the ultrastructural level, protoplasmic astrocytes have much more complex shapes consisting of thousands of very fine elaborated protrusions that make them look more like sponges than stars [14-16].
Astrocytes, of ectodermal origin, are the most abundant glial cell type and the most abundant cell type in theCNS.They canbeclassified by morphological differences into protoplasmic and fibrous astrocytes, which are present in the gray and white matter regions, respectively [72].
In every wish, thought and action he is seeking to escape the same protoplasmic disquietude that impels the meanest flesh crawling beneath his feet.
(1956) Velocity distribution of the protoplasmic streaming in Nitella cells.
Lysis of cell with residual membranes and empty protoplasmic space and numerous membrane blebs are shown in Figure 15, too.