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 (prō′tə-trō′fĭk, -trŏf′ĭk)
Having the same metabolic capabilities and nutritional requirements as the wild type parent strain: prototrophic bacteria.

pro′to·troph′, pro′to·troph′y n.


(Biology) a prototrophic life form
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The strain Kluyveromyces lactis IFO1267 (a prototroph [K2K1]) that was kindly provided by Dr MJR Stark, the University of Dundee, Dundee, England.
The resulting uracil prototroph transformants that exhibit blue colonies can be selected on uracil-free plates.
If this auxotroph mutant interact with a substance that can change it into prototroph, it means that the substance have a potency to be mutagenic.