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 (prō-trăkt′, prə-)
tr.v. pro·tract·ed, pro·tract·ing, pro·tracts
1. To draw out or lengthen in time; prolong: disputants who needlessly protracted the negotiations.
2. Mathematics To draw to scale by means of a scale and protractor; plot.
3. Anatomy To extend or protrude (a body part).

[Latin prōtrahere, prōtract- : prō-, forth; see pro-1 + trahere, to drag.]

pro·tract′ed·ly (-trăk′tĭd-lē) adv.
pro·tract′ed·ness n.
pro·trac′tive adj.
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The project that we are implementing and the results we are seeing address this protractive situation.
Trump's exit from the nuclear deal is just a ruse, indeed a distraction, a potential inciting incident designed to trigger a bigger conflict in Syria, that will be open-ended and protractive -- just like in Yemen and Afghanistan.
Those with myopia commonly present with protractive positioning of the head and cervical segment of the vertebral column, which leads to increased tonus of the thoracic muscles, the descending fibres of the trapezius, the levator scapulae, and the sterno-cleidomastoid muscle and decreased tonus of the deep muscles that stabilize the cervical segment of the vertebral column, the rhomboid muscles, and the serratus anterior [57].