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 (prō-tro͞o′səl, -sīl′) also pro·tru·sile (-tro͞o′səl, -sīl′)
Capable of being thrust outward, as the proboscis of many insects.

[Latin prōtrūsus, past participle of prōtrūdere, to protrude; see protrude + -ile.]


(Zoology) able to be thrust outwards
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Adj.1.protrusible - capable of being thrust forward, as the tongue
extensible, extensile - capable of being protruded or stretched or opened out; "an extensile tongue"; "an extensible measuring rule"
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RJoiningC beyond the wing apex; Rsclosertotheend of [R.sub.1] than to the arculus; palpi 3- or 4-segmented; antennae with binodal or gynecoid flagellomeres, and 3 separate circumfila (in male) or interconnected circumfila (in female); tarsal claws curved near basal third, toothed; ovipositor short, barely protrusible and female cerci separate (Maia et al.
reba the modifications of inferior with slightly protrusible mouth presence of extremely long and highly coiled alimentary canal.
Abdomen: Abdomen slender, a pair of protrusible brushes of hairs at the abdomen end of male Male genitalia (Fig.
Placed within the subfamily Ammodytinae, which also includes the genera Gymnammodytes and Hyperoplus, Ammodytes is diagnosed by the presence of scales deeply embedded in dermal plicae below the lateral line, a highly protrusible upper jaw (Pietsch, 1984), and non-expanded neural and haemal spines on the caudal vertebrae (Ida et al., 1994).
Serranochromis angusticeps has a greatly compressed head and body with a large, protrusible mouth angled at about 40-55[degrees] and relatively fine, small conical teeth.
They are toothless mammals with 11-13 rows of large overlapping horny scales, long protrusible tongue, and prehensile tail with a terminal scale on its ventral side [1, 2].
His proposition was based on the presence of a well defined oesophageal pouch and certain other differences such as the presence of a well developed globular pars prostatica, a highly muscular metraterm and a protrusible ductus hermaphroditicus in the specimens, which otherwise resembled the genus Genarchopsis (syn.
Mouth: Cichla kelberi has a protrusible and prognathous mouth, with the lower jaw being more prominent than the upper jaw.
On moonlit nights with my torch turned off, I've seen lionfish stalking cardinalfish or other plankton pickers, waving their feathery veils to cull one fish from the school, stalking it in mesmerizing slow motion before suddenly and violently extending protrusible jaws, grabbing and suctioning all at once.