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 (prō-tro͞o′sĭv, prə-)
1. Tending to protrude; protruding.
2. Unduly or disagreeably conspicuous; obtrusive.

pro·tru′sive·ly adv.
pro·tru′sive·ness n.


1. tending to project or jut outwards
2. a less common word for obtrusive
3. archaic causing propulsion
proˈtrusively adv
proˈtrusiveness n


(proʊˈtru sɪv, prə-)

1. projecting or protuberant; thrusting forward, upward, or outward.
2. obtrusive.
3. Archaic. pushing forward; having propulsive force.
pro•tru′sive•ly, adv.
pro•tru′sive•ness, n.
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Adj.1.protrusive - thrusting outward
bulging, convex - curving or bulging outward
intrusive - thrusting inward; "an intrusive arm of the sea"
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But, in reality, carbody is a three-dimension geometry entity with protrusive objects and air flow surrounding the car is easy to be separated.
Although a reduction in the prominence of soft tissue A point was not desired in this particular patient, this type of tissue remodeling may especially be beneficial in bimaxillary protrusive or skeletal Class 2 cases with maxillary prognathia.
Twenty-one of them had protrusive interferences too, even though all of them could protrude mandible.
Nevertheless, these studies suggest that dendritic protrusive activity triggered by neurotransmitters released from nearby axons contributes to the formation of new synaptic connections.
Upper lip was more protrusive in males than in females in relation to Holdaway's H line.
Public electrification of Barbados did not begin until T911, so, historically, only the last practicing Jews on the island would have used electricity or encountered the protrusive utility poles lining the streets with their crisscrossing wires.
The effect of mandibular protrusive (activator) appliances on articular eminence morphology.
Lamellipodia (LP) are thin, sheetlike protrusions in untreated cells characterized by periods of extension and retraction (indicated by dashed line), After Farrerol treatment, the size of cell showed shrink with minimal protrusive activity (indicated by dashed line).