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 (prō-to͞o′bər-ənt, -tyo͞o′-, prə-)
Swelling outward; bulging.

[Late Latin prōtūberāns, prōtūberant-, present participle of prōtūberāre, to bulge out; see protuberate.]

pro·tu′ber·ant·ly adv.


swelling out from the surrounding surface; bulging
[C17: from Late Latin prōtūberāre to swell, from pro-1 + tūber swelling]
proˈtuberance, proˈtuberancy n
proˈtuberantly adv


(proʊˈtu bər ənt, -ˈtyu-, prə-)

bulging out beyond the surrounding surface; protruding; projecting: protuberant eyes.
[1640–50; < Late Latin prōtūberant- (s. of prōtūberāns), present participle of prōtūberāre to swell. See pro-1, tuber1, -ant]
pro•tu′ber•ant•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.protuberant - curving outwardprotuberant - curving outward      
protrusive - thrusting outward


[prəˈtjuːbərənt] ADJprotuberante, saliente; [eye, tooth] → saltón


adjvorstehend; eyesvortretend


[prəˈtjuːbrnt] adj (eyes) → sporgente
References in classic literature ?
For how was it possible to believe that those large brown protuberant eyes in Silas Marner's pale face really saw nothing very distinctly that was not close to them, and not rather that their dreadful stare could dart cramp, or rickets, or a wry mouth at any boy who happened to be in the rear?
To understand how sarcastic were these exhortations, repeated at intervals, we should state that the approaching huntsman was a stout little man whose protuberant stomach was the evidence of a truly ministerial "embonpoint.
Her protuberant outlines and her vigorous health did, in fact, draw from the officers of the Empire the approving exclamation,--
The next most obvious deformity was in their faces, almost all of which were prognathous, malformed about the ears, with large and protuberant noses, very furry or very bristly hair, and often strangely-coloured or strangely-placed eyes.
Brown was just weathering the corner, by Peter Goldthwaite's house, when the hurricane caught him off his feet, tossed him face downward into a snow bank, and proceeded to bury his protuberant part beneath fresh drifts.
Molly, the housemaid, with a turn-up nose and a protuberant jaw, was really a tender-hearted girl, and, as Mrs.
She was, in a singular way, at once ugly and pretty; she had protuberant eyes, and lips strangely red.
His hair, now white and sparse, left uncovered a broad and protuberant skull, which gave a strong idea of his character and firmness.
This figure was clad in tweeds of a piebald check, with a pink tie, a sharp collar and protuberant yellow boots.
Among our valued friends is there not some one or other who is a little too self-confident and disdainful; whose distinguished mind is a little spotted with commonness; who is a little pinched here and protuberant there with native.
Da Souza cried, his beady eyes protuberant, and his glass arrested half-way to his mouth.
His eyes were a little protuberant, his manner betokened awe.