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Adj.1.proud of - feeling pleasurable satisfaction over something by which you measures your self-worth; "proud of their child"
proud - feeling self-respect or pleasure in something by which you measure your self-worth; or being a reason for pride; "proud parents"; "proud of his accomplishments"; "a proud moment"; "proud to serve his country"; "a proud name"; "proud princes"
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Singer and tailor am I-- Doubled the joys that I know-- Proud of my lilt to the sky, Proud of the house that I sew-- Over and under, so weave I my music--so weave I the house that I sew.
But how often I have felt proud of her, proud of her majestic beauty and social tact," thought he; "been proud of my house, in which she received all Petersburg, proud of her unapproachability and beauty.
They were not only fond of Vronsky in his regiment, they respected him too, and were proud of him; proud that this man, with his immense wealth, his brilliant education and abilities, and the path open before him to every kind of success, distinction, and ambition, had disregarded all that, and of all the interests of life had the interests of his regiment and his comrades nearest to his heart.
It was an old-fashioned place, moreover, in the moral attribute that the partners in the House were proud of its smallness, proud of its darkness, proud of its ugliness, proud of its incommodiousness.
In his way he was quite as much one of the old school as the Earl of Eastchester, and the idea of a lady - a Wendermott, too - calling herself a journalist and proud of making a few hundreds a year was amazing enough to him.
India is proud of your accomplishment," Modi tweeted.
I am also very proud of my family, especially my daughter who is a paediatric student nurse.
Rich Wilson I am not a football fan, but I am very proud of the boys they have done really well, also the fans over in France have been amazing.
PEOPLE in Liverpool are far more proud of where they live than those in any other major city in the country.
Are these "adults" not proud of their city as much as they are of their football club?
For our business, being a member of Territory Proud helps to re-assure our customers that we are most definitely a Territory business and proud of it.
That's how you go out of a tournament #RWC2015 #iamwales" Hayden Brown "So very proud of every squad member.