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v. proved, proved or prov·en (pro͞o′vən), prov·ing, proves
a. To establish the truth or validity of (something) by the presentation of argument or evidence: The novel proves that the essayist can write in more than one genre. The storm proved him to be wrong in his prediction.
b. To demonstrate the reality of (something): He proved his strength by doing 50 pushups.
c. To show (oneself) to be what is specified or to have a certain characteristic: proved herself to be a formidable debater; proved herself to be worthy of the task.
2. Law
a. To establish by the required amount of evidence: proved his case in court.
b. To establish the authenticity of (a will).
3. Mathematics
a. To demonstrate the validity of (a hypothesis or proposition).
b. To verify (the result of a calculation).
4. To subject (a gun, for instance) to a test.
5. Printing To make a sample impression of (type); proof.
6. Archaic To find out or learn (something) through experience.
To be shown to be such; turn out: a theory that proved impractical in practice; a schedule that proved to be too demanding.
Phrasal Verb:
prove out
To turn out well; succeed.

[Middle English proven, from Old French prover, from Latin probāre, to test, from probus, good; see per in Indo-European roots.]

prov′a·bil′i·ty, prov′a·ble·ness n.
prov′a·ble adj.
prov′a·bly adv.
prov′er n.
Usage Note: Prove has two past participles: proved and proven. Proved is the older form. Proven is a variant. The Middle English spellings of prove included preven, a form that died out in England but survived in Scotland, and the past participle proven probably rose by analogy with verbs like weave, woven and cleave, cloven. Proven was originally used in Scottish legal contexts, such as The jury ruled that the charges were not proven. In the 1900s, proven made inroads into the territory once dominated by proved, so that now the two forms compete on equal footing as participles. However, when used as an adjective before a noun, proven is now the more common word: a proven talent.
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Adv.1.provably - in an obvious and provable manner; "his documentary sources are demonstrably wrong"
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Our first transitive signature scheme which is motivated by Craig Gentry et al.'s signature scheme from lattices [12] is provably secure in the random oracle model.
Every product must be a provably effective component of the team.
Once Trump was in the White House, he became more emboldened and more reliant on myth-making -- regarding matters big and ridiculously small -- even when they were obviously and provably untrue.
Archeo Futurus offers provably optimized cloud services and is deploying a global network of cloud nodes and Internet exchanges, starting in Ashburn, VA, Fremont, CA, New York City, NY, San Antonio, TX, and Seattle, WA.
Bou-Rabee and Vanden-Eijnden propose a strategy for simulating stochastic differential equations, adopting an approach that is more tailored to the probabilistic structure of the solution in order to design stable and (weakly) accurate schemes for their simulation that are both provably ergodic when the underlying stochastic differential equation is, and faithful to the geometry of their domain of integration.
The Tangram technology is based on decades of research and innovation, supported by the US Department of Defense, in creating provably safe embedded systems and systems of systems architectures.
Leveraging BCI's blockchain technology, TGC products will become provably fair enabled, allowing players to independently ensure and verify game fairness.
This brings two features which are provably out of reach for the Internet that we know today.
Two Spirit activism has provably benefitted an environmental movement struggling to respond to the acting United States administration's multiple attacks on the sovereignty of both land and body--subjects that settler colonialism might deem separate --and to confront its own whiteness and heteronormativity.
That eventuality would move Viglione a step closer to realizing what he calls "my big libertarian dream," with blockchain applications extending beyond currency into societal vehicles such as voting systems that can produce provably fair elections.
Rao Anwar is a man with friends in high places, one of the reasons why he led something of a charmed existence while he was Malir SSP and was widely but not provably involved in instances of summary 'justice' being dispensed where he and his junior officers were judge, jury and executioner.