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Adiktif (addictive), adisi (addition), administrasi (administration), aerobik (aerobics), agen (agent, representative) and a host of other words of Western origin have been left without any indication as to their non-Javanese provenience.
From the existing review of literature on link between governance and performance a variable called Board Provenience (% of Foreign Directors) is least studied.
No restrictions on customers' provenience and payment destination countries or currencies are in force within the company's policy.
Cirrhilabrus squirei, una nuova specie di labridi provenience dalla Grande Barriera Corallina australiana e dal Mar dei CoraIli, e descrirta sulla base di quattro esemplari di 36.2-56.3 mm SL.
Jadro prace pak tvori analyza teroristicke hrozby iranske provenience ve vsech relevantnich svetovych regionech--Persky zaliv, Levanta (obsahujici Libanon a Izrael s Palestinskou autonomii), Afghanistan, Kavkazsky region a dalsi casti sveta.
Quotes are sprinkled throughout the books and Smith has conducted many interviews, but the provenience of the references is not annotated.
At the same time, however, Balthasar is "critical of the univocal ascription of faith to Christ and contends that Christ's faith is qualitatively different from the faith of believers on account of the provenience of his mission" (137).
TABLE 1--Bat species and provenience of bats from which blood samples were taken and screened for the presence of antibodies against Pseudogymnoascus destructans (= Geomyces destructans), the causative agent of White-Nose Syndrome.
Demographic data of control versus depressed patients Subjects N Sex (M) % Age (mean) Provenience (U) % Control 27 33.33 (9) 34.74 [+ or -] 7.74 81.48 %(22) Depressed 18 61.11 (11) 44.44 [+ or -] 10.48 44.44 (8) Subjects Education (years) Employment (%) Control 15 [+ or -] 2.09 85.18 (23) Depressed 11.29 [+ or -] 2.64 14.81 (4) Table II.
In view of many students' strong focus on origin mentioned before, this may be interpreted as identification through a combination of cultural provenience and socio-economic status, which carries the potential to result in stereotyping.
14, 5 and 6) and two bifacial preforms of which unfortunately neither have indication of stratigraphical provenience (Fig.