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On the condition; if: will pay the bonus provided the job is completed on time.


(prəˈvaɪ dɪd)

usage: The conjunctions provided and providing are interchangeable. Both mean “on the condition or understanding that,” with that sometimes expressed: Provided (or Providing) (that) sales remain steady all summer, the business will show a profit by September.
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conjunction (often with that) if, given, subject to, in case, in the event, on condition, on the assumption, with the understanding, with the proviso, contingent upon, as long as, if and only if, upon these terms They are willing to help, provided that he has a specific plan.
jestližepokuds podmínkou
aî òví tilskyldu
...(이라는) 조건으로
pod podmienkou
eğer-mesi şartıylayeter ki
với điều kiện


[prəˈvaɪdɪd] CONJ provided (that)con tal (de) que, a condición de que


[prəˈvaɪdɪd] conj
provided (that) ... → à condition que ... + subj
He'll play in the next match provided he's fit → Il jouera dans le prochain match, à condition qu'il soit en forme.

provided (that)

conjvorausgesetzt(, dass), gesetzt den Fall(, dass)


[prəˈvaɪdɪd] conj provided (that)sempre che + sub, a patto che + sub, purché +sub, a condizione che +sub


(prəˈvaid) verb
1. to give or supply. He provided the wine for the meal; He provided them with a bed for the night.
2. (with for) to have enough money to supply what is necessary. He is unable to provide for his family.
proˈvided, proˈviding
conjuction if; on condition (that). We can buy it provided/providing (that) we have enough money.


بِشَرْط أَنْ jestliže forudsat vorausgesetzt εφόσον siempre y cuando edellyttäen à condition que ako purché もし・・・とすれば ...(이라는) 조건으로 mits forutsatt at pod warunkiem że contanto que при условии förutsatt ถ้า yeter ki với điều kiện 倘若
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Poor little souls, they will have a hard time, I'm afraid, but they won't suffer, and it will do them good," she said, producing the more palatable viands with which she had provided herself, and disposing of the bad breakfast, so that their feelings might not be hurt, a motherly little deception for which they were grateful.
cried Ned Newton gaily, as he got into one of the several tree canoes provided for the transportation of the party up the Chamelecon river, for the first stage of their journey into the wilds of Honduras.
There was her husband's reproach looking at her from the external things around her which he had provided for her external existence.
In the present instance, the scout uses the word with immediate reference to the "salt," with which his own party was so fortunate as to be provided.
Why, the Kearneys, and Mattinglys, and Fairfax, and the lot, provided you don't look at their clothes.
It might have been taken for a ghostly or phantasmagoric reflection of the old shopkeeper Pyncheon's shabbily provided shelves, save that some of the articles were of a description and outward form which could hardly have been known in his day.
At the other end, though partly muffled by a curtain, it was more powerfully illuminated by one of those embowed hall windows which we read of in old books, and which was provided with a deep and cushion seat.
The wife of a whaling captain had provided the chapel with a handsome pair of red worsted man-ropes for this ladder, which, being itself nicely headed, and stained with a mahogany color, the whole contrivance, considering what manner of chapel it was, seemed by no means in bad taste.
Here be it said, that like the vessels of military marines, the ships of the American Whale Fleet have each a private signal; all which signals being collected in a book with the names of the respective vessels attached, every captain is provided with it.
The veselija has come down to them from a far-off time; and the meaning of it was that one might dwell within the cave and gaze upon shadows, provided only that once in his lifetime he could break his chains, and feel his wings, and behold the sun; provided that once in his lifetime he might testify to the fact that life, with all its cares and its terrors, is no such great thing after all, but merely a bubble upon the surface of a river, a thing that one may toss about and play with as a juggler tosses his golden balls, a thing that one may quaff, like a goblet of rare red wine.
In her little bundle she had provided a store of cakes and apples, which she used as expedients for quickening the speed of the child, rolling the apple some yards before them, when the boy would run with all his might after it; and this ruse, often repeated, carried them over many a half-mile.
As for adopting the ways of the State has provided for remedying the evil, I know not of such ways.