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On the condition; provided.


(prəˈvaɪdɪŋ) or


(sometimes foll by: that) on the condition or understanding (that): I'll play, providing you pay me.


(prəˈvaɪ dɪŋ)

on the condition or understanding (that); provided: You can stay providing you do some work.
usage: See provided.
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conjunction (often with that) on condition that, subject to, given that, on the assumption that, in the event that, with the proviso that, contingent upon, with the understanding that, as long as, if and only if She always believes me, providing I tell her what she wants to hear.
aî òví tilskyldu
pod podmienkouza predpokladu


[prəˈvaɪdɪŋ] conj
providing (that) ... → à condition que ... + subj
He'll play in the next match providing he's fit → Il jouera dans le prochain match, à condition qu'il soit en forme.

providing (that)

conjvorausgesetzt(, dass), gesetzt den Fall(, dass)


(prəˈvaid) verb
1. to give or supply. He provided the wine for the meal; He provided them with a bed for the night.
2. (with for) to have enough money to supply what is necessary. He is unable to provide for his family.
proˈvided, proˈviding
conjuction if; on condition (that). We can buy it provided/providing (that) we have enough money.
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I hope that the list of available inexpensive editions of the chief authors may suggest a practical method of providing the material, especially for colleges which can provide enough copies for class use.
For weeks we not only had to contend with the difficulty of providing board, with no money, but also with that of providing sleeping accommodations.
The problem of providing mattresses was a difficult one to solve.
The powers falling within the FIRST class are those of declaring war and granting letters of marque; of providing armies and fleets; of regulating and calling forth the militia; of levying and borrowing money.
But was it necessary to give an INDEFINITE POWER of raising TROOPS, as well as providing fleets; and of maintaining both in PEACE, as well as in WAR?
But what would have been thought of that assembly, if, attaching themselves to these general expressions, and disregarding the specifications which ascertain and limit their import, they had exercised an unlimited power of providing for the common defense and general welfare?
You will naturally in providing your self for the expedition, provide suitable instruments, and especially the best Maps of the interior to be found.
Living up to his income; having no expectations from any living creature; possessing in landed property only some thirty or forty acres in Somersetshire, with a quaint little dwelling, half farm house, half-cottage, attached-- he was incapable of providing the needful security from his own personal resources.
Lecount was providing for her master's future security at Sea View, events were in full progress at North Shingles.
Ancillary--A streamlined approach, the ancillary model has the practitioner providing limited advice as an adjunct to another area of practice, such as tax services.
Management software presents the entire contents of the library as a single file system, providing users direct access.