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Adj.1.provisionary - under terms not final or fully worked out or agreed upon; "probationary employees"; "a provisional government"; "just a tentative schedule"
conditional - imposing or depending on or containing a condition; "conditional acceptance of the terms"; "lent conditional support"; "the conditional sale will not be complete until the full purchase price is paid"
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NGCP spokesperson Cynthia Alabanza said the Energy Regulatory Commission (ERC) has given the consortium provisionary approval for the project, pending the approval of the project cost of P51.
Egypt's macro indicators, as reported by international institutions and credit rating agencies, illustrate that the country is moving towards an increased provisionary growth rate.
When she joined the NCC Bank as a provisionary officer, only a few women took banking as their profession for many reasons but, as the years rolling out, this particular profession is growingly becoming a dream for the girls studying accounting, finance and management, among other subjects, in colleges and universities.
In a televised address on Saturday, Puigdemont said Madrid's decision to suspend the autonomy of the province and appoint Spanish Deputy Prime Minister Soraya Saenz de Santamaria as Catalonia's provisionary head goes against the will of the people, RT reported.
After their scrutiny, these papers were found correct and hence, all these three office bearers have been provisionary declared elected.
The Latin text is the provisionary Leonine edition Taylor uses with one exception noted above.
As it was then, the grave abuse of discretion that arose from the erroneous award to RSCI was palpable,' read a portion of the court's three-page ruling, adding: 'We held in our decision that RSCI was not qualified to bid in the concession, disqualified as it was by its failure to submit a compliant provisionary tax clearance.
In many situations, Brazilian resources were authorized through a Provisionary Measure (MP) which falls within the remit of the President of the Republic.
The House panel gave its provisionary approval to the still unnumbered substitute bill last May 3 by a 17-4 vote with three abstentions, and then referred it to the House committee on appropriations for earmarking the funding provisions.
8) However, just like her discussions in the salons and in the streets of Naples, Lenor's private musings occur in an implicitly dialogical framework, as she engages in changeable and evolving conversations that allow her to tackle contradictory issues, stage divergent and provisionary opinions, and remain dialectically involved in a developing epistemological debate.
Rear Adm William Kimball, the leader of the expeditionary force, requested authority to set up a provisionary government in Nicaragua, but his request was rejected; instead, the force was slowly withdrawn.
adopt provisionary measures in instances when scientific evidence is