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Tending to provoke or stimulate.

pro·voc′a·tive n.
pro·voc′a·tive·ly adv.
pro·voc′a·tive·ness n.
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As I have hinted, the female contingent brought far more personality and indeed vocal satisfaction to their portrayals, Claire Egan a genuinely affecting Donna Elvira, Paula Sides imperious as Donna Anna, and Llio Evans attractive in Zerlina's blend of innocence and provocativeness.
The potential to create literary pieces with the aid of digital technologies borders on mind-blowing: the freedom to explore, experiment and create multimodal text is borderline art (in its provocativeness and emotional gravitas).
The firing of that missile "highlights the brazenness and provocativeness" of the Houthis and their Iranian backers, the acting Assistant Security of Defense for International Security Affairs, Katie Wheelbarger, told reporters.
"Also, it is fresh confirmation of the absolute provocativeness and adventurism of the Skripal case in general.
Building on orientalist stereotypes of sexually aggressive women who use their bodies to manipulate men for power, the seductress allowed Biblical and ancient epics to be more provocative but since this character was usually cast as a villain, that provocativeness could be taken as a moralizing portrayal (of how not to behave).
Consider a serial currently being aired that takes up the life of Qandeel Baloch and, in doing so (as highlighted by a recent AFP feature) seeks to challenge topics that are taboo in the society that constitutes its viewership: a young woman, sexually exploited as a child, using sexual provocativeness to rise to fame, honour killing, concepts of 'bringing shame to one's family' and, at root, women's right to their life choices.
"The President of the Republic needs to explain to the people how he intends to face Turkish provocativeness. He needs to give explanations as to how he intends to tackle the continuing violations and, as things are showing, the increasing, stepped up violations of our EEZ by the Barbaros (Turkish surveying ship)."
The provocativeness of these findings notwithstanding, the evaluation's focus and design weakens its importance.
The protagonists of both have in common their relentless honesty, innovative critical stance, radical provocativeness and consistent non-conformism.
The provocativeness of this medial dichotomy is the short story's ultimate upshot.
The silhouettes reflected romance and tastefulness, and a bit of edginess without too much provocativeness using structured and tailored styles such as ruched ruffles, large pleating, and cut-out/inset details.