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Dark Patterns in Proxemic Interactions: A Critical Perspective, proc.
A pilot study that attempted to use a hierarchy of proxemic, gestural, and verbal cues to make turn-taking less chaotic (but still fun) looked promising (Andrist, Leite, and Lehman 2013), but in the subsequent, larger data collection, the modified game showed no appreciable effect on overlap.
Hall (Le langage silencieux, 1984), au concept de proxemic, et au courant de l'interactionnisme symbolique - la <<nouveaute>> (p.
Here, the lack of synonymization can hurt, since searching synonyms such as personal space or proxemic does give some results on the topic.
Some researchers have found specific proxemic effects on compliance with a request, and shown that the near distance perception could also affect behavior.
Its communicational abilities depend on the existence of codes: explicit (like in classic Indian dance and ritualistic dance, magical or religious) or implicit codes, like the kinesic, proxemic, and rhythmic ones.
Particular attention was drawn to their use of proxemic technologies such as Bluetooth and NFC, and they confirmed that those technologies were rarely used (Kirmani & Fleck, 2014; Walton et al.
Simulation of space acquisition process of pedestrians using Proxemic Floor Field Model.
Throughout her study, Saggini provides tables detailing the diegetic progression that Burney effects in prose to illuminate an Aristotelian poetics of kinesic, proxemic and paralinguistic conventions at work.
Children with ASD have difficulties in vocalic, kinesthetic, and proxemic aspects of communication (Notbhom, 2006).
The seating layout respects proxemic distances whilst encouraging multiple concurrent interactions such as the exterior landscape, other passengers, and the helicopter itself via the central infotainment hub more commonly seen in stock exchanges.
180) TS arranges the new proxemic relationship as the Raja to R of the wireless table in the upstage inner room and Watkins at the opposite end.