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1. Nearest; proximate.
2. Anatomy Nearer to a point of reference such as an origin, a point of attachment, or the midline of the body: the proximal end of a bone.

[From Latin proximus, nearest; see proximate.]

prox′i·mal·ly adv.
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"With 40+ years of life science expertise and well over $150 billion in successful exits for companies we have built or rebuilt, we're ready to respond not only more proximally to our current San Diego client base and continue to expand our relationships, but to give back by supporting the emerging companies, ensuring they are ready to take on their competitive markets," stated DeeDee DeMan.
Difficulty was encountered in 18(35.3%) patients and all of them had their stents migrated proximally in CBD.
Carpus 1.7-1.8 times as long as maximum width, with demarcated transverse striae dorsally in male, but with only faint striae in female, those striae more distinct in dorso-anterior and dorso-posterior margins; dorso-anterior margin convex, with most swelling point posteriorly to half length, proximally with relatively short and shallow concavity.
Based upon the recent News Release regarding the Company's robust pit-constrained mineral resource at its Lac Gueret South Project (NR of July 16th, 2019), the Company has determined that a potential long-term graphite production strategy is further served by evaluating multiple proximally located podiform graphite deposits (comparable to its centrally located Zone 1 project) to feed a future, centrally located conceptual processing facility.
In alopecia areata, providers may be able to identify the "exclamation point sign" in which the hair shaft thins proximally, leading to the appearance of more pigmented, thicker hairs floating above the scalp.
On review days later, the gangrene was found to have extended proximally and a decision on a second amputation was due.
"Claim 1 of the '730 patent, like various other claims throughout the patents-in-suit, includes the terms 'proximal' (or 'proximally') and 'distal' (or 'distally').
The muscle can be divided into two complete halves; each can be used as a proximally or distally based muscle graft or half of the muscle can be used only as a muscle graft sparing the other half or the fleshy part is divided leaving intact tendon for distally-based split graft (Figs.
With an exogenous source, careful clinical and dermoscopic examination may show that the pigment does not extend all the way proximally to the lunula, although it may follow the outline of the proximal nail fold.
Transversal hemimelia or congenital amputation is the lack of limb distal structures, normally developing proximally to the malformed limb and being amputated at different points distally.
(1) wonders if perhaps in our study the ACB was placed too proximally in the thigh, which could in theory anesthetize the nerve to the vastus medialis muscle (NVM) and explain quadriceps femoris muscle weakness we observed following ACB.