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1. Nearest; proximate.
2. Anatomy Nearer to a point of reference such as an origin, a point of attachment, or the midline of the body: the proximal end of a bone.

[From Latin proximus, nearest; see proximate.]

prox′i·mal·ly adv.
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Caption: Figure 3 d: A front view of the patient's burn wounds six months after contraction release, and tibialis anterior, medial gastrocnemius and proximally based hemisoleus flap reconstruction to the right leg, tibialis anterior and proximal hemisoleus flap reconstruction and multiple skin grafts to the left leg
2009, 223 patients were performed with conventional method described by MJ Brescia, (6) which is heel of the venous hood is kept proximally and foot of the hood kept distally and sutured to the radial artery.
Uncemented acetabular components were used in all 19 hips with pagetic acetabular bone, and uncemented non-modular proximally porous coated femoral components were used in all 3 pagetic femora.
These muscle bellies were separated proximally and Supinator muscle was visualized.
5-1 ml proximally and caudally into each lobe dorsally and ventrally in enlarged tissue.
This new bone formation is more prominent along the distal diaphysis of tubular bones and extends proximally over time.
The fracture was exposed via a standard Henry's access extended proximally to the diaphysis.
After removal of the shunt passer, a portion of the catheter is left intravenous, and the orthrograde blood flow, combined with negative inspiratory pressure, draws the catheter proximally through the vein and eventually to the heart or pulmonary artery.
Venograms of the upper extremities demonstrated filling defects of the brachiocephalic and the subclavian veins bilaterally and the SVC proximally.
Sharp dissection through fascia revealed a 3 cm DPA saccular aneurysm and it was controlled proximally and distally using vessel loops (Fig.
35), the posteromedially grey pubescent abdominal tergites 2-7 (tergites otherwise apubescent), and the proximally grey pubescent scutellum while it is apubescent distally.