Proximate analysis

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(Chem.) an analysis which determines the proximate principles of any substance, as contrasted with an ultimate analysis.

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A better option is to send a sample of raw materials or finished mash mixture to a credible lab for a proximate analysis test.
The samples were used for determining oil yield, calorific value, contents of total sulfur, as well as trace and rare earth elements (REEs), and for performing proximate analysis.
One part was prepared according to ASTM standards (ASTM, 2004) to perform proximate analysis and the results are tabulated in Table 1.
Nutritional composition of all cereals as proximate analysis is shown in Table 1.
The grains were analyzed for tannin contents and proximate analysis was carried out.
The proximate analysis of Moringa Oleifera seed pod was conducted according to ASTM D 4442 for moisture content.
Proximate analysis was performed to determine the volatile matter, fixed carbon, and ash content (i.