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1. Direct or immediate: "The stock market crash in October, 1929 ... is often regarded as ... the major proximate cause of the Great Depression" (Milton Friedman)."The proximate cause of America's deficits is that Washington has dramatically cut the taxes of America's rich" (Eamonn Fingleton).
2. Very near or next, as in space, time, or order. See Synonyms at close.

[Latin proximātus, past participle of proximāre, to come near, from proximus, nearest; see per in Indo-European roots.]

prox′i·mate·ly adv.
prox′i·mate·ness n.
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According to the complaint, the respondents should be held directly and proximately responsible for the Dengvaxia mess, not only for the ensuing deaths but also for the undue injury caused any private party and the government.
The injuries and/or damages to the plaintiff solely and/or proximately caused by the unreasonable failure of the plaintiff to use an available and operational seatbelt at the time of the accident and therefore the plaintiff's recovery should be barred or reduced accordingly," Williams' lawyer wrote in the filing.
Since its vast oil reserves are also proximately located and found near the ground surface, the production cost or 'cost to draw the oil out of the ground by Saudi Arabia was only $3 a barrel.
Open-pit mine planning for the Ity CIL project assumes an owner-operated mining operation using 90-mt haul trucks and a maximum mining movement of 16 million mt/y, with a vertical advance of ap proximately 40 m/y.
A flagrant violation is defined as "a reckless or repeated failure to make reasonable efforts to eliminate a known violation of a mandatory safety and health standard that substantially and proximately caused, or reasonably could have been expected to cause, death or serious bodily injury.
by Fire or otherwise", would imply that, after the Road Vehicles or Horses or Cattles Impact, even if the subject-matter of Insurance would have been damaged by a Physical Fire consequently set thereon or any other nature of Damage, Proximately Caused by the same Impact, the resultant Loss or Damage would be deemed to have been Indemnfiable within the ambit of the Insurers' relative Fire Insurance Policy by virtue of the attachment thereto of the Impact Damage Endorsement.
In addition to the fact that Anthem extended the termination date in the merger agreement, Anthem claims that Cigna does not have a right to terminate the deal at all because it has failed to perform fully its obligations in a manner that has proximately caused or resulted in the failure of the merger to have been consummated.
Proximately, the base is broader on the sides than in the medial part.
It cited a 1998 case in which a New York appeals court stated, "Loss by fire within the policy's coverage is not limited to fire danger; rather, all losses are covered which are directly, proximately, or immediately caused by fire or combustion.
Shoppers will treasure its proximately to the Eastland Mall and the JC Penny Outlet, Occur to be less than two miles away.
ARON'S condition holoprosencephaly rare illness where the brain does t form properly, occurring in proximately two births in 10,000.
The third element of attorney aiding and abetting fraud, "substantial assistance" in furtherance of the fraud, exists where (1) a defendant affirmatively assists, helps conceal, or by virtue of failing to act when required to do so enables the fraud to proceed, and (2) the actions of the aider/abettor proximately cause the harm on which the primary liability is predicated.