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1. Direct or immediate: "The stock market crash in October, 1929 ... is often regarded as ... the major proximate cause of the Great Depression" (Milton Friedman)."The proximate cause of America's deficits is that Washington has dramatically cut the taxes of America's rich" (Eamonn Fingleton).
2. Very near or next, as in space, time, or order. See Synonyms at close.

[Latin proximātus, past participle of proximāre, to come near, from proximus, nearest; see per in Indo-European roots.]

prox′i·mate·ly adv.
prox′i·mate·ness n.
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Duterte to direct the national and local water boards to render and tap Laguna Lake as a dependable, inexhaustible and proximately located source of raw water for Metro Manila and the lake's surrounding communities, with other sources such as dams serving a complementary role to ensure water security under all circumstances, including potentially catastrophic earthquakes.
The manufacturer said that to the extent that Cypress or Microsoft suffered any damages because of the fire, the damages were "proximately caused by persons, entities, and/or factors or events other than SK Hynix and for which SK Hynix is not responsible."
According to the complaint filed, JacksonaACAOs estateEeseeksEe"all damages proximately caused by HBO's reprehensible disparagement of Michael Jackson, which could exceed USD 100 million should HBO succeed in the damage it is intending to cause to the legacy of Michael Jackson,aACA[yen] reported E!
Defendants agricultural society and event organizer MacNeill denied any unsafe conditions of the premises and contended the conditions causing plaintiff to be hit arose from an unforeseeable occurrence of a stuck throttle, which resulted in an accident proximately caused by the driver.
On the other hand, Mr Goya said that for 2017/18 financial year, 14 projects were awarded to 13 companies at a total amount of P17 million employing proximately 181 people.
Additionally, the employer must establish that the misconduct proximately caused the employee's injury.
The IRS, on the other hand, argued that while Paychex issued wage payments, it was a conduit for its client companies because it debited their accounts before paying the worksite employees, and the client companies were in actual control of the wage payments because Paychex's payment of the wages was contingent on or proximately related to its first receiving funds from the client companies.
Today, wholly government owned OSC operates a fleet of around 49 ships of a to- tal tonnage aggregating 8 million DWT ap- proximately. Complementing its offerings as an integrated maritime shipping ser- vices provider are its subsidiaries, namely Oman Ship Management Company (OSMC), Oman Charter Company (OCC), and Oman Container Line (OCL).
The groups said they filed the complaint based on the testimonies of the resources persons invited to shed light on the issue by the House Committee on Health and the Senate Committee on Accountability of Public Officers and Investigation (Blue Ribbon) joint with other concerned committees, which substantiated their claim that the respondents were 'directly and proximately' responsible for the Dengvaxia vaccine mess.
According to the complaint, the respondents should be held directly and proximately responsible for the Dengvaxia mess, not only for the ensuing deaths but also for the undue injury caused any private party and the government.
"The injuries and/or damages to the plaintiff solely and/or proximately caused by the unreasonable failure of the plaintiff to use an available and operational seatbelt at the time of the accident and therefore the plaintiff's recovery should be barred or reduced accordingly," Williams' lawyer wrote in the filing.