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Marked by or exhibiting the characteristics of a prude; priggish.

prud′ish·ly adv.
prud′ish·ness n.
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Adv.1.prudishly - in a prudish manner; "she acts prudishly, but I wonder whether she is really all that chaste"


adv say, behaveprüde; dresssittsam, züchtig; they prudishly cut out all the swearwordsprüde wie sie sind, haben sie alle Kraftausdrücke gestrichen
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A paragraph on the "pegging" episode of Broad City is so coyly and prudishly described that it's hard to make sense of what's been said, and Dauber's claim that the feminist show's "delight in delving into New York's underbelly...
In Tea's Valencia, the Mission is nostalgically remembered as a queer space of freedom and excitement before the inevitable forces of morality and civilization reared their overly tame, baby stroller-pushing, prudishly vanilla heads.
But the pun seems to have gone unheard before the 1780s, and may be the invention of Edmond Malone, who prudishly glosses the obscene meaning as " 'too obvious to every reader, to require any explanation' " (95).
I swiftly back out, prudishly pulling my fluffy white robe a little tighter round my body.
Put another way, Sophia's redactions and editorial changes played into James's hands in his desire to paint a Hawthorne prudishly averse to nudity.
One could brush off this odd flicker of botanical twinness as, perhaps, belonging to the erotics of this first pair of lovers who are, like those plant tendrils, unabashed, innocently luxurious, rather than tightly or prudishly coifled.
Money I recalled the shock of finding that friends were increasing their mortgage to buy a car in the seventies, without any questions asked, when I prudishly believed does not necessarily bring happiness or satisfaction.
Maria prudishly trips along those territories of Malvolio's mind where he can be easily led astray into temptations.
Jones is not very loquacious about this, prudishly mentioning only that "government spending proved tenacious over the entire postwar period." He also notes that the neoliberal policy experiments "had decidedly mixed short-term results even on neoliberal terms," though many of the policies he contemplates are decidedly non-libertarian.
Remember you have been created in God's image." So practice that admonition and never prudishly be ashamed of your body, naked or otherwise.
The Abu Dhabi Film Fest is growing more prudishly, and arguably wisely, selective in their Arabic film line-up, beating competing fests at their own game by securing the rights for the most buzzed-about titles in the region in addition to a number of titles it has co-financed via the Sanad fund.