pruritus ani

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Noun1.pruritus ani - chronic itching of the skin around the anus
pruritus - an intense itching sensation that can have various causes (as by allergies or infection or lymphoma or jaundice etc.)
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5%) each case of Parapsoriasis, Favre-Racouchot Syndrome, Pruritus ani, Pyogenic Granuloma, Lupus Profundus were seen, 2 (1%) cases each of reactive perforating collagenosis and granuloma annulare and 3 (1.
In the acute stage, patients may develop signs and symptoms including cough, wheeze, abdominal pain, weight loss, diarrhea, pruritus ani, and larva currens.
Anal itching, known medically as pruritus ani, is a fairly common condition that may occur either in or more often around the anus.
a: This sounds like you have pruritus ani - 'pruritus' meaning itching, 'ani' meaning around the anus.