pry bar

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Noun1.pry bar - a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedgepry bar - a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge
jim crow - a crowbar fitted with a claw for pulling nails
jemmy, jimmy - a short crowbar; "in Britain they call a jimmy and jemmy"
lever - a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
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Mr Connors said he looked for something on the floor and 'picked up the first thing' he saw, a pry bar tool.
The best tool for this job is a short pry bar (about eight inches) with a bent tip.
A pry bar can be used as a hammer but it is not designed or built to swing at or strike something.
Seized from the suspects were: P150,000 worth of shabu, drug paraphernalia, a hand grenade, a .38 revolver, replicas of a .45 pistol and M-16 automatic rifle, a knife; a bolt cutter, a pry bar and ammunition.
For example, if a wrongdoer partially opened a window by using a pry bar and then noticed an
If the track remains stuck, gently pry it with a flat pry bar, use a 3/8-inch plywood backer placed approximately 4 inches to 6 inches under the pry bar so you do not damage the tile or tub.
Then pivot about 90 degrees from the direction you stepped initially and use your forearm like a pry bar, exerting pressure against the assailant's wrist as you pull the gun to your pectoral index.
You'll need a pry bar to hold the guide roller in place while turning the bolts with the wrench.
by Cavid Chappel Thompson Pumps Job Safety Analysis Example: Hazard/Mitigation/ Step Hazard Elimination Use of pry bar Sudden release of Push with pry bar at waist to dislodge suction connection to chest level.
Once inside, the suspects used a pry bar to force open the side door of a trailer, then stole several small hand tools and power tools.
Instead, put on a pair of safety glasses and grab your hatchet, pry bar and any other implement of destruction you might be especially handy with.