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Noun1.pry bar - a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedgepry bar - a heavy iron lever with one end forged into a wedge
jim crow - a crowbar fitted with a claw for pulling nails
jemmy, jimmy - a short crowbar; "in Britain they call a jimmy and jemmy"
lever - a rigid bar pivoted about a fulcrum
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More recently, it has become a status symbol in many young knife users' EDC gear assembly including small flashlights, mini pry bars and the like.
3) Extra 7/16, 1/2 and 9/16 sockets and wrenches as well as 10 millimeter the most commonly used sizes (which are usually the first to go missing); 4) A high-quality gasket scraper; 5) Large and small ball-peen hammers for "nudging" parts; 6) Large and small rubber mallets; 7) A telescoping magnet; 8) A can of sprayable grease for general reassembly; 9) A three-pack of locking pliers, since you'll often need more than one at a time; 10) Long and short pry bars; and 11) A small, high-powered flashlight for seeing into tight places.
It was discovered at around 7.30am on Hogmanay that a hole had been cut in the fence and items, including a Stihl saw, angle grinders and Draper pry bars had been swiped from trailers within the yard.
pry bars. The discharge chute assembly shifted, hitting Mackay in the head and causing him to slump down in a seated position.
The jury was shown axes, machetes and pry bars, as well as black masks that were found in Jenkins' van after his arrest.
Coventry, United Kingdom, February 23, 2018 --( The EMKA range of hinges have been designed specifically for fitment of flush doors to specialist enclosures and cabinets so as to enable a smart clean look coupled with improved security since the close fit of an inset door minimises access for tools and other pry bars.
That old bead-breaker, a heavy hammer and a couple specially designed pry bars was all it took."
Pry bars have been a concern for a while, said Lance Lowry, president of the state's correctional employees union.
Price told police he wasn't there to steal anything, and although he was holding the pry bars, he allegedly insisted that he was not responsible for prying off the plywood that covered a window that had been broken out the night before.
Two men with pry bars and an ox were required to move it.
In the vehicle, which was found to have been stolen, police found a stash of pry bars, lock picks and other theft tools.