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p's and q's Idiom.
mind or watch one's p's and q's, to pay careful attention to one's own behavior or affairs; be cautious or discreet.
[1770–80; perhaps from some children's difficulty in distinguishing the two letters]
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Ours was not a State Visit, of course , and as members of a significant political party of the UK we were mindful of our Ps and Qs not to offer any advice on any matter which was not our concern and we were not in the car buying business or kept our knowledge and understanding of Watergate to ourselves.
I'd like to see more of that from players and managers and less of them minding their Ps and Qs to keep corporate sponsors happy.
Balfron in Print runs until the end of May during normal library hours and also includes some printing trivia panels - such as the origins of"minding your Ps and Qs"- as well as the chance to use a printing block of the exhibition logo to demonstrate how the art of printing actually works.
Asked if Cole's exit had made him and the other dancers feel they had to "mind their Ps and Qs more", Du Beke said: "I don't think that was anything to do with it.
I wrote recently about when to use apostrophes with single letters or runs of letters and detoured into one theory on the etymology of the phrase "mind your ps and qs."
In the saying "Mind your Ps and Qs", what do P and Q stand for?
gracefully over her Ps and Qs into her lace-up flying leather
MY MUM always taught me when I was growing up to watch my Ps and Qs and always to say please and thank you as manners are important.
I'd say it's Elizabeth who needs to watch her Ps and Qs
"We realize how it caused confusion, but we are looking into the Ps and Qs of what went wrong with that filing," Lounsbury told Gunderson.
He will have to mind his Ps and Qs (a phrase, incidentally, which originates from 19th-Century landlords keeping a tally, chalked on a slate, of the pints and quarts consumed by their customers - drinkers were wise to make sure their Ps and Qs matched what they had actually consumed) next season because any player who collects nine or more points in a two-year period cops an automatic suspension.
So he won't have to mind his Ps and Qs and can have some fun in a series that's due to air in the late (Northern Hemisphere) summer," the source added.