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Noun1.psammoma - a tumor derived from fibrous tissue of the meninges or choroid plexus or certain other structures associated with the brain; characterized by sandlike particles
neoplasm, tumor, tumour - an abnormal new mass of tissue that serves no purpose
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Psammoma bodies were observed on the cyst wall in some areas (Figure 4 a, b).
In addition to the defining characteristic of papillary growth, other helpful features are thick encapsulation; tubular, tubulopapillary, and glomeruloid growth; and presence of mucinous material, foamy macrophages, and psammoma bodies in the fibrovascular core.
Histologically, Psammoma bodies are uncommon in lung adenocarcinoma.
However, micro calcification, though not a feature of metastasis has been observed in metastatic ovarian carcinoma with psammoma bodies1,5.
Histologically, the detection of intranuclear groove, pseudoinclusions, and psammoma bodies cause confusion with PTC (7).
The meningothelial tumors have been described in literature by different authors using variable terms, such as "epithelioma", or "dural endothelioma", or "angioendothelioma", or "fungus of the dura mater", or "fungoid tumors", or "psammoma", or "fibrosarcoma", or "meningeal fibroblastoma", or "meningoblastoma", or "mesothelioma of the meninges" [26-28].
In particular, we observed psammoma bodies in 32% of BL, 87% of BM+, and 79% of BM-.
However, the intraoperative frozen section not only confirmed the preoperative diagnosis of PTC on the thyroid isthmus, in which disordered and branched papillary structure, scattered psammoma bodies, frosted-glass-like cell nucleus, larger nucleus, nucleus grooves, and intranuclear pseudoinclusions were found (Figure 2(b)), but also showed multifocal papillary thyroid carcinoma (MPTC) in right thyroid lobe as multiple psammoma bodies and papillary structure could be found in it (Figure 2(a)).
Nasopharyngeal papillary adenocarcinoma may appear grossly as an exophytic, nodular, or polypoid mass, sometimes gritty if psammoma bodies are present.
Psammoma bodies may be present, but they are not distinguishing features of endometrial serous carcinoma.