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A segment of DNA that resembles a gene but is not functional and usually not transcribed. Pseudogenes often have functional paralogs in the same organism.
gène silencieux
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Since the pI value of pseudogene from stomach, PsiNS4, also varies between 7.
Also plays a role in delivery of iron to cells FTHL5, FTH1P5 Unknown function; pseudogene FTL Similar function as mitochondrial ferritin.
One sample from Carapina had a frame-shift causing single nucleotide deletion (816 bp, excluded from analyses and submitted as a pseudogene to GenBank).
However, failure by investigators to differentiate between GJA1 and its pseudogene led to this hypothesis being discarded.
In the 3D7 genome, there are nine UpsA var genes, 22 UpsB var genes, 13 UpsC var genes, one UpsD var pseudogene and one UpsE var gene.
Wholegenome sequencing of ST313 strains has shown genome degradation, including pseudogene formation and chromosomal deletions as have been observed for human-restricted S.
Confirmatory testing for the porA pseudogene and the opa gene has been retained for non-genital positive results to acknowledge that the high rate of genetic exchange between Neisseria in these sites may lead to false positive results.
The article, "A pseudogene long noncoding RNA network regulates PTEN transcription and translation in human cells," by Per Johnsson, Amanda Ackley, Linda Vidarsdo
34 Abbreviations: BBX, bobby sox homolog (Drosophila); WDPCP, WD repeat containing planar cell polarity effector; PITRM1, pitrilysin metallopeptidase 1; RPL6P18, ribosomal protein L6 pseudogene 18; SNEDI, sushi, nidogen and EGF-like domains 1; SORCS, sortilin- related VPStQ domain containing receptor3; TAf2Gf.
Last year, Pandolfi's group found that the RNA copied from a pseudogene (a defunct copy of a gene that no longer makes proteins) can attract microRNAs away from the messenger RNA copied from a real gene called PTEN, which is important in protecting against cancer (SN: 7/17/10, p.