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(ˌsu doʊˌɪn tlˈɛk tʃu əl)

a person who pretends an interest in intellectual matters.
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From his obvious ample experience, John warns Jack that Monica is a pseudointellectual, extravagantly narcissistic man-eater, but--"go ahead, throw yourself into the propeller
However, all agreed that Skios is stuffed with witty commentary--in particular, a delicious send-up of the conference's pretentious, pseudointellectual attendees--and laugh-out-loud moments.
Instead, both arrogantly wave away any criticism of their ability with the dismissive air of pseudointellectual academics.
I call this pseudointellectual mishmash "vulgar Keynesianism.
Melville's story of John Claggart's hatred of Billy Budd is similar; or consider Henry James's terrible study in envy, Madame Merle, who fueled by her bored, dissipated, and disappointing life, arranges the disastrous match of the energetic, attractive Isabel Archer to the impotent, pseudointellectual Gilbert Osmond, only to observe Osmond suck the life out of her.
Sometimes it seemed to offer a pseudointellectual explanation.
These cheap shot artists along with the amateurs who think calling the president ``Dubya'' qualifies them for some elitist ranking, actually qualify for the pseudointellectual dolt-of-the-month club.
Reflecting on this linkage, Bauer offers an important generalization about ideology, intellectuals, and genocide that "when an intellectual or pseudointellectual elite with a genocidal program.
The United States, for most of my students, is a curious utopia--and this, I believe, is a result of a system that promotes passivity, intellectual indolence, and self-loathing, a system that massages its populace with mindless talk shows and courtroom melodramas where rather pathetic people are displayed for derision and pseudointellectual analysis.
To Karlgren all this was pathetic - Parker's "Song of Sorrow" was one of the pseudointellectual works of the pre-Karlgrenian period that he dismissed as "arbitraires, peu methodiques et inadmissibles.
Without the pseudointellectual titles--The Outsides Are In, Moral Fantasia, Between Theory and Reality, Reverse Society, The Pride of Being, The Value of Pictures--the works are simply samples of clever craft.