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A fictitious name, especially a pen name.

[French pseudonyme, from Greek pseudōnumon, neuter of pseudōnumos, falsely named : pseudēs, false; see pseudo- + onuma, name; see nō̆-men- in Indo-European roots.]

pseu′do·nym′i·ty n.
pseu·don′y·mous (so͞o-dŏn′ə-məs) adj.
pseu·don′y·mous·ly adv.
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1. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) having or using a false or assumed name
2. (Literary & Literary Critical Terms) writing or having been written under a pseudonym
pseuˈdonymously adv
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(suˈdɒn ə məs)

1. bearing a false or fictitious name.
2. writing or written under a fictitious name.
[1700–10; < Greek pseudṓnymos; see pseudonym, -ous]
pseu•don′y•mous•ly, adv.
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Adj.1.pseudonymous - bearing or identified by an assumed (often pen) name; "the writings of Mark Twain are pseudonymous"
onymous - bearing a name; "articles in magazines are usually onymous"
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Being fictitious and not real, as a name:
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[sjuːˈdɒnɪməs] ADJseudónimo
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Moving beyond questions of whether they are pseudonymous, and of whether or not they are post-apostolic, he looks closely at how they have been understood in the life of the Church.
Copyright Office to clarify that it doesn't investigate claims received upon application, and where claims are registered under a pseudonym, the body "does not investigate whether there is a provable connection between the claimant and the pseudonymous author."
People, including UN free expression rapporteur David Kaye, say it's important to allow pseudonymous speech online for human rights activists and others whose lives could otherwise be endangered.
Naidu said that the decision to conduct repolling was a part of a conspiracy to get his party votes removed on "pseudonymous complaints" of YSP Congress party activists and alleged that the poll body did not act on TDP's complaints.
According to e-sushi, the pseudonymous security researcher who discovered the devious act, Facebook did this without permission by forcing new users to provide the passwords to their email accounts before they could use their new Facebook account.
The dilemma is the fact that torment can veil behind a pseudonymous client name, masking his or her identity.
"Under pseudonymous titles and names, it tries to erode all areas of life, including politics and the economy," the committee said.
As she starts researching in order to write her own modern novel in the same style, she becomes obsessed with one pseudonymous author (known as Marian Love) and decides to find her real identity.
Along with briefer treatments of antislavery notables such as Harriet Tubman, Harriet Beecher Stowe and Frederick Douglas, the inspirational life story of Harriet Jacobs is presented at length, based on her pseudonymous memoir, Incidents in the Life of a Slave Girl.
Transactions are pseudonymous, so not easily traceable, while a decentralized ledger eliminates the need for banks and governments, and also means there's no company that can be subpoenaed in an investigation.
But now a new writer-artist, the pseudonymous Olivia Jaimes, has taken over, fusing Bushmiller's sensibility with the similarly smart-dumb ethos of Weird Twitter.