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A temporary projection of the cytoplasm of certain cells, such as phagocytes, or of certain unicellular organisms, especially amoebas, that serves in locomotion and phagocytosis.

pseu·dop′o·dal (-dŏp′ə-dl), pseu′do·po′di·al (-pō′dē-əl) adj.


(Biology) biology of or relating to a pseudopodium
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(c) Atypical cells have pseudopodial cytoplasmic projections (Wright's stain, 50x oil).
Feldman, "Directional protrusive pseudopodial activity and motility in macrophages induced by extracellular electric fields," Cell Motility, vol.
In addition, the extracts severely affected the pseudopodial projections of the cells which rendered the cells non-adherent and become round shaped.
No pseudopodial extensions were found with 0.1-[micro]m latex beads.