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 (sĭl′ə-sī′bĭn, sī′lə-)
A hallucinogenic compound, C12H17N2O4P, obtained from mushrooms chiefly of the genus Psilocybe.

[New Latin Psīlocybē, mushroom genus (Greek psīlos, bare + Greek kubē, head) + -in.]


(ˌsɪləˈsaɪbɪn; ˌsaɪlə-)
(Elements & Compounds) a crystalline phosphate ester that is the active principle of the hallucinogenic fungus Psilocybe mexicana. Formula: C12H17N2O4P
[C20: from New Latin Psilocybe (from Greek psilos bare + kubē head) + -in]


(ˌsɪl əˈsaɪ bɪn, ˌsaɪ lə-)

a hallucinogenic crystalline solid, C12H17N2O4P, obtained from the mushroom Psilocybe mexicana.
[1955–60; < New Latin Psilocyb(e) genus of mushrooms (< Greek psīló(s) bare + kýbē head) + -in1]
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Noun1.psilocybin - a hallucinogenic compound obtained from a mushroom
hallucinogen, hallucinogenic drug, psychedelic drug, psychodelic drug - a psychoactive drug that induces hallucinations or altered sensory experiences


n psilocibina
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According to researchers from Ohio State University in the US, psychedelic mushrooms evolved to contain psilocybin - the ingredient behind the hallucinations - as a way to fend off insects.
1177/0269881117748902) Sage Journal of Psychopharmacology &nbsp;claims to have found evidence that psilocybin - the chemical agent in mushrooms that makes people hallucinate - can help people with treatment-resistant depression (TRD).
It looked at the effects of psilocybin (the psychoactive compound naturally present in 200 types of mushrooms) on 19 patients for whom conventional antidepressants had failed.
Hinojosa shows that 5meO-DMT derived from the secretion of the Sonoran Desert Toad is the most profound, most healing entheogen available, even more so than Ayahuasca, LSD, DMT, Psilocybin etc.
Hendricks stated that psilocybin and related compounds could revolutionise the mental health field.
A statement from the college indicated that patients who had been taking a substance called psilocybin showed reduced symptoms weeks after a treatment.
Scientists tested the drug psilocybin on 19 depressed patients who could not be helped by conventional treatments.
Imperial College London researchers used psilocybin - the psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms - to treat a small number of patients with depression, monitoring their brain function, before and after.
Magic mushrooms containing psilocybin and its derivative psilocin can cause hallucinations, changes in perception and an altered sense of time.
Researchers from Imperial College London in the UK used psilocybin - the psychoactive compound that occurs naturally in magic mushrooms - to treat a small number of patients with depression in whom conventional treatment had failed.
Or that he'd been involved in testing psychedelics on prisoners to see if drugs like LSD, mescaline and psilocybin could treat schizophrenia.
7) Recent controlled studies at Johns Hopkins University reported that a single dose of psilocybin can relieve anxiety or depression for up to 6 months, which, if replicated, could lead to a remarkable paradigm shift in treating mood and anxiety disorders, especially if patients do not respond to standard antidepressants.