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Noun1.Psocoptera - an order of insects: includes booklice and bark-lice
animal order - the order of animals
class Hexapoda, class Insecta, Hexapoda, Insecta - insects; about five-sixths of all known animal species
psocopterous insect - small soft-bodied insect with chewing mouthparts and either no wings or two pairs
family Psocidae, Psocidae - a family of small soft-bodied insects that feed on decaying vegetation; related to booklice
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Because of the diversity of habitat preferences in trees and mobility among species of Psocoptera, 3 sampling methods were selected to capture a wide range of psocopteran species and were executed monthly from Nov 2005 through Sep 2008.
Invertebrates observed in these caves included crustaceans (16 species), pseudoscorpions (2 species), spiders (7), millipedes (8), a dipluran (1), psocopteran (1), collembolans (18), beetles (22), and flies (6).