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A graphic representation or chart of the personality traits of an individual or group.

psy′cho·graph′ic adj.
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(ˈsaɪkəʊˌɡrɑːf; ˈsaɪkəʊˌɡræf)
1. (Psychology) psychol obsolete a device intended to graphically represent the mind
2. (Psychology) psychol an instrument for the examination of one's mental or emotional processes
3. (Alternative Belief Systems) spiritualism an image attributed to a supernatural cause
4. (Psychology) psychol a psychobiography
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(ˈsaɪ kəˌgræf, -ˌgrɑf)

a graph indicating the relative strength of the personality traits of an individual.
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Demonstrative of this fascination with the psychology of melodic writing was the invention of the psychograph, a machine that measured "creative inventiveness as nervous electricity, i.e.
Comparing between local and international advertising, Zeeshan remarked that the international ads are based on key consumer insights; they use real life situations, ambience and lingo that are directly related to the core target audience psychograph. The communication here is still working under many limitations.
(10) Mulder-Bach is referring specifically to the characters' many references to literary and artistic works which, she argues (in light of Fontane's own reference to the novel as a "Psychograph"), the author develops into a signifying system of the unconscious (626).
HIGHLIGHT: The psychograph, a 32-prong machine that measured skull shape and size and then ranked the subject's personality, talents, and intellectual abilities with a score from one to five.
Each psychograph exhibits two major characteristics: documentary sources rather than interior monologue supply the concrete details; selection and arrangement of these items alongside barbed narratorial remarks produce an effect that resonates with the irony of the biographical title.
Perceiving different demographic, psychograph and behavioral characteristics among the consumers it is possible to group them, so that the consumers with similar needs, wanting similar services and products are allocated to the same group.
Fontane's own practice, he says, is to internalize the personalities of his characters in a process resembling the operation of a 'psychograph', so that each is accorded his or her own style of speech:
The four MEMEs can be viewed in a column format by using a psychograph (33) to trace the development or regression of individual MEMEs.
Wilber (2000a, 2006) noted that such an expanded table can act as a psychograph for providing an overview of where a particular client's altitude is with regard to a number of lines of development.
Together they evolved or gave birth as virgins to the psychograph, a diagram which can be rotated into a model, plans or sections which derives from, Prix says, the unconscious.