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A graphic representation or chart of the personality traits of an individual or group.

psy′cho·graph′ic adj.
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(ˌsaɪkəʊˈɡræfɪk) or


(Psychology) psychol relating to psychographics, psychography, or the use of a psychogram
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By leveraging individual and community demographic and psychographic information, Mindwell is the first meditation app that combines Artificial Intelligence and neuroscience-based techniques to more accurately predict which meditative experiences will help users achieve their desired mood outcomes.
Cambridge Analytica, which remarkably connected Steve Bannon, the Mercer family, Facebook, psychographic profiling and the 2016 Trump campaign, was such a spark.
There are many ways to describe a core market: common characteristics triggered by demographics, economic class, psychographic or personality traits and behavioral actions.
Powered by their experience as designers of professionally-reliable print materials and superb website landing pages, VELV Design & Printing has hand-picked specific services which can help organizations effectively tap into different consumer groups belonging to varied geographic, demographic and psychographic segments.
The demographic and psychographic information via Household panels will help data analytics experts to fuse this information with consumption as well as viewership data.
Through the Enterprise Audience API, Nielsen's television clients can now transact on advertiser-defined audiences including those based on credit card spending habits, in-store purchases and extended psychographic profiles.
Cambridge Analytica obtained the data to build "psychographic" profiles that would help deliver targeted messages intended to shape voter behavior in a wide range of U.S.
It is greatly played and loved regardless of demographic and psychographic boundaries in the country.
In an extraordinary boomerang, The US' adversaries have turned social media on its head and used it as a ''Trojan Horse'' via psychographic profiling and micro-targeting at a mass scale.
In which case, your private musings may have contributed to a "psychographic modelling" effort to identify and influence American voters.
In which case, your private musings may have contributed to a "psychographic modeling" effort to identify and influence American voters.