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n. pl. psy·cho·his·to·ries
A psychological or psychoanalytic interpretation or study of historical events or persons: the psychohistory of the Nazi era.

psy′cho·his·tor′i·an (-hĭ-stôr′ē-ən, -stŏr′-) n.
psy′cho·his·tor′i·cal (-hĭ-stôr′ĭ-kəl, -stŏr′-) adj.
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(Psychology) a person who writes psychohistory
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Taking Erikson's identity seriously: Psychoanalyzing the psychohistorian. Psychohistory Review, 22(1), 7-34.
In his foreword to Dangerous Case, Robert Jay Lifton, prominent psychohistorian at Columbia University, claims Pres.
Turchin is a pioneer in the field of cliodynamics, a discipline that aims to trace broad historical trends through statistical modeling. His work has led publications like Wired to ( describe him as a real-life Hari Seldon , the "psychohistorian" who uses mathematical equations to predict the collapse of civilization over millennia in Isaac Asimov's "Foundation" science fiction novels.
In which classic science fiction trilogy do psychohistorian Hari Seldon and 24.
In which classic science fiction trilogy do psychohistorian Hari Seldon and psychicallygifted conqueror the Mule appear?
In which classic science fiction trilogy do psychohistorian Hari Seldon and 23 trilogy do psychically-gifted conqueror the Mule appear?
I do not mean any disrespect, and I certainly am not being facetious, but I was led to these questions, or rather this type of question, because I had the wonderful privilege of meeting the pioneer psychohistorian Peter Loewenberg, professor of history at the University of California at Los Angeles, over the weekend.
Despite the impersonal title (instead of something along the lines of "how to talk to a person with borderline disorder"), Lachkar, a psychotherapist and psychohistorian in private practice in Tarzana, California, is sensitive to the suffering of individuals with borderline personality disorder (BPD) and the problems they create for families and others with whom they interact.
Psychohistorian Robert Jay Lifton had previously expounded his theories in a 1986 book, and the filmmakers add nothing: no illustrative footage, no contrasting or corroborating evidence.
6)--hence the "high water" reference in the title of the book--as a psychohistorian, concluding that violence is the problem addressed in Noah's story and the problem that must also be taken up today.
Bloch and the Final Solution is now perhaps most closely associated with Brandeis psychohistorian Rudolph Binion, who held that the trauma of Klara's ordeal was re-awakened when Adolf was exposed to mustard gas during World War I: "When it condensed on his skin Hitler associated it with Bloch's iodorm.
23In which classic science fiction trilogy are psychohistorian Hari Seldon and psychically-gifted conqueror the Mule?