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n. (used with a sing. verb)
The branch of psychology that deals with the design, administration, and interpretation of quantitative tests for the measurement of psychological variables such as intelligence, aptitude, and personality traits. Also called psychometry.

psy′cho·met′ric, psy′cho·met′ri·cal adj.
psy′cho·met′ri·cal·ly adv.
psy·chom′e·tri′cian (sī-kŏm′ĭ-trĭsh′ən), psy·chom′e·trist (sī-kŏm′ĭ-trĭst) n.
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n (functioning as singular)
1. (Psychology) the branch of psychology concerned with the design and use of psychological tests
2. (Psychology) the application of statistical and mathematical techniques to psychological testing
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(ˌsaɪ kəˈmɛ trɪks)

also psychometry

n. (used with a sing. v.)
the measurement of mental traits, abilities, and processes.
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psychometrics, psychometry

the measurement of mental traits, abilities, and processes. — psychometrist, n.psychometric, adj.
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Noun1.psychometrics - any branch of psychology concerned with psychological measurements
psychological science, psychology - the science of mental life
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[ˈsaɪkəʊˈmetrɪks] NSINGpsicometría f
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