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In various systems of religious belief, a being, such as a god or a person acting as a shaman, who guides the spirits of the dead to the afterlife or the otherworld.

[Greek psūkhopompos : psūkhē, soul; see bhes- in Indo-European roots + pompos, guide (from pempein, to send, escort).]
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(Poetry) poetry a mythical figure who guides souls to the place of the dead
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Noun1.psychopomp - a conductor of souls to the afterworld; "Hermes was their psychopomp"
imaginary being, imaginary creature - a creature of the imagination; a person that exists only in legends or myths or fiction
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* At the closing of the breakneck, almost nonstop two-and-a-half year touring cycle for her double gut punch records, Psychopomp and Soft Sounds from Another Planet, which were created in the rippling wake of her mother's diagnosis and then death from cancer in 2014.
Ibis presents himself to be a psychopomp, someone who "escort[s] the living to the world of the dead" (428).
"I wish this story could be told by the person who it is about," writes Hsu in the text-based work Essay (Panic Angel), a montage of Graves's mythography, rejected exhibition titles ("BAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH," "Cynoceph," "Psychopomp"), songs she's played (by Lana Del Ray, Nirvana, Roy Orbison), and staccato memories of her mother's death printed onto pink fabric.
pivoting on the glory of the antiself as colonially contrived ...", taking the form of a resplendent Colombian Army battalion for one Indian, while a white colonist encountered a shape-shifting tiger-devil in the person of his shamanic psychopomp (Shamanism 327).
tour, she is performing songs from both her first Japanese Breakfast album, "Psychopomp," and her newest album, "Soft Songs From Another Planet."
In this context, the White Rabbit is a clear example of what is known in most of the world's mythologies as a psychopomp, or guide of souls.
Lou Merriwether is a "psychopomp" -- she has the ability to help spirits stuck in the land of the living cross over to the land of the dead.
What is striking is that both rituals require the participation of a young man, in the second case, specifically a virgin boy, the classic psychopomp of late Hellenistic theurgy.
On a number of funerary monuments Epona seems to play the role of guardian of the dead or of psychopomp, overseeing the transition from this life to the next.