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Involving aspects of social and psychological behavior: a child's psychosocial development.

psy′cho·so′cial·ly adv.


(Psychoanalysis) from a psychosocial point of view
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It is tempting to immediately propose that children from poorer families are more psychosocially vulnerable if a parent leaves.
Focus group with psychosocially burdened mothers: In the run-up to the guidance development for the individual interviews, a focus group with about eight psychosocially burdened mothers with children aged 0-3 years is to be carried out Meaning of "participatory research" to increase the accuracy of the subject areas and questions for this hard-to-reach target group.
Participants were accepted into the OST programme after detailed assessment by a multidisciplinary treatment team in accordance with local and international guidelines for psychosocially assisted pharmacological treatment of opioid dependence.
Age at menarche and first pregnancy among psychosocially at-risk adolescents.
The lack of financial and cultural resources of the families of refugee children and adolescents leaves them relatively economically and academically and socially destitute, resulting in psychosocially stressful situations (24,28).
Having trained in a psychosocially oriented family medicine residency, I (Colleen T.
When you add work to the mix, "this is a highly stressful time psychosocially," she said.
1] Some patients may become psychosocially incapacitated with a resulting depression, and/or anxiety.
Since his peers develop into young men and young women, he is left psychosocially isolated.
Drug addiction is a very complex biologically and psychosocially determined condition.
Nurses are well trained and educated for maintaining the health and wellness of the patients through all the aspects like psychosocially, socially and etc.
Battlefield Population Focus Immature Cohesive Team Basic Needs Mature Fragmented Team Belonging SELF ACTUALIZATION SELF ESTEEM achievement, respect SENSE OF BELONGING unit, friends, family, partner SAFETY safety and security of self and family PHYSIOLOGICAL breathing, food, water, rest VARIABLES Battlefield: Immature = restoration: low level needs Mature = reconditioninq: higher level needs Population: Early = Psychosocially equipped Late = Psychosocially wanting Combat operational stress control operations dictated by population needs.
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