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Involving aspects of social and psychological behavior: a child's psychosocial development.

psy′cho·so′cial·ly adv.
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(Psychoanalysis) from a psychosocial point of view
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In: Guidelines for the Psychosocially Assisted Pharmacological Treatment of Opioid Dependence.
"A lot of people are convinced that if they have braces, they will feel more positive about themselves and do well, psychosocially, in later life.
These issues have to be addressed if the primary care givers of the disabled persons have to be psychosocially recovered and get benefit from rehabilitation and development programs.
Director Nutrition Ministry of National Health Services Dr Baseer Achakzai said that the period 10-19 years of age is one of accelerated growth both physically and psychosocially.
Unique as the concepts and experiences surrounding death, dying, and grief are to each child, some similarities exist across developmental stages that can guide professionals in discussing death in sensitive, appropriate, and psychosocially productive ways.
Menopause is an important transition in our patients' lives--both biologically and psychosocially. Women's symptom patterns and medication needs may change during menopause.
His most recent book is "When Harry Became Sally: Responding to the Transgender Moment." On his Facebook page he writes, "[M]odern medicine cannot reassign sex physically, and attempting to do so does not produce good outcomes psychosocially. Transgender medicine is based on a transgender worldview.
Though its catalogue contains Simone de Beauvoir's foundational feminist assertion that femininity is psychosocially shaped, and features essays by the likes of Rozsika Parker, bell hooks, Stark, and Sianne Ngai, gender categories are not destabilized or taken up critically within the exhibition.
Children with controlled and uncontrolled asthma were equally affected psychosocially with no relation between asthma control and their psychosocial well-being (p = 0.58).
Psychosocially, some HED children may experience a "nine-year crisis" which implies that they are more likely to be aware of the difference from their healthy peers and to have emotional and behavior disturbance [10].
The clinical observation of Meniere's disease includes episodic vertigo, fluctuating hearing loss, tinnitus, and aural fullness, which negatively impacts the patient's life both physically and psychosocially. The gentamicin (GM) administration has been widely used for the treatment of Meniere's disease and has demonstrated to be effective in clinical applications.
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