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Noun1.psychotherapy group - a meeting of people for psychotherapeutic purposes
group meeting, meeting - a formally arranged gathering; "next year the meeting will be in Chicago"; "the meeting elected a chairperson"
encounter group - a meeting of people to develop mutual understanding by freely expressing emotions
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The present study divided them into the group integrated psychotherapy group (the experiment group) and the group cognitive behavioral therapy group (the control group) using a random number table.
Four months after discharge, the patients' severity of depression as measured by HADS scores was significantly lower among the patients in the psychotherapy group than in the usual-care group (1.56 plus or minus 1.4, compared with 3.13 plus or minus 1; P less than .001).
Brea, CA, November 08, 2016 --( Estelle Toby Goldstein, M.D., officially joins New Day Psychotherapy Group's roster of clinicians at the new location in Brea according to Milagros Saxon, PhD, CEO at New Day.
This past spring I was faced with a task common to many practicum students; I was to lead my first solo facilitation of an all-male psychotherapy group. I found myself wrapped in a wash of excitement and anticipation at this opportunity.
Among his topics are the concept of the anti-group, clinical illustrations of the anti-group, determinants of the anti-group, technical considerations in dealing with the anti-group, the transformational process in a psychotherapy group, and the anti-group in the wider social sphere.
The mean Hamilton Depression Rating Scale (HAMD) scores of the pharmacotherapy group decreased from 25.7 to 6.2 and those of the psychotherapy group from 22.5 to 8.2.
A person may meet alone with a psychotherapist or else as a member of a psychotherapy group, depending in part on personal preference but mainly the sort of circumstances giving rise to difficulties.
Norbert was helped by a psychotherapy group which helped him utilize the empty chair technique and role-playing to work through feelings about his mother, Schoenewolf directly addresses the controversial issue of whether a therapist should help a client to "change his orientation from homosexual or bisexual to heterosexual" (p.
Now, we actually have a psychotherapy group just for boys and another for men," says Joel Jahraus, M.D., executive director of the Melrose Institute, an eating disorders program of Park Nicollet Health Services in suburban Minneapolis.
All individuals who agreed to join the group were entered into the participant pool and randomly distributed into either a Non Gender-Focused or a Gender Role Re-Evaluation psychotherapy group. Each group was made up of eight or nine members.
of the Health Sciences), head of the Committee on Psychotherapy Group for the Advancement of Psychiatry, compiles 11 chapters written by psychiatrists who were members of the committee.