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 (sī-kŏt′ō-mə-mĕt′ĭk, -mī-)
Tending to induce hallucinations, delusions, or other symptoms of a psychosis. Used of a drug.
A psychotomimetic drug, such as LSD.

[Alteration of psychosomimetic (influenced by psychotic) : psychos(is) + mimetic.]

psy·chot′o·mi·met′i·cal·ly adv.
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(saɪˌkɒtəʊmɪˈmɛtɪk) or


1. (Pharmacology) (of drugs such as LSD and mescaline) capable of inducing psychotic symptoms
2. (Psychiatry) (of drugs such as LSD and mescaline) capable of inducing psychotic symptoms
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(saɪˌkɒt oʊ məˈmɛt ɪk, -maɪ-)

also psychomimetic

(of a substance or drug) tending to produce symptoms like those of a psychosis; hallucinatory.
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This may include attention, auditory and visual skills, cognitive performance, reaction time, motor coordination skills, vigilance, sedation, wake-fulness, risk-taking or risk avoidance, aggression, and psychotomimetic symptoms.
According to police, psychotomimetic agents, such as methamphetamine or crystal meth, and ecstasy were most commonly used, followed by marijuana.
In all three acute studies rapastinel was well tolerated without any signal of psychotomimetic side effects.
(199.) DC D'Souza et al., The Psychotomimetic Effects of
None of the treated subjects experienced either serious adverse events or psychotomimetic adverse events.
Unpleasant psychotomimetic effects after the release of the tourniquet limit the usefulness of this use of ketamine.
Psychotomimetic N-methylated tryptamines: formation in brain in vivo and in vitro.
Dissociative and psychotomimetic effects are common but very seldom problematic."
Unlike other potent NMDA receptor targeting compounds, BHV-5000 is a NMDA antagonist that has not been associated with the prominent psychotomimetic effects and is orally bioavailable, concluded the company .
(24) In our patient's case, Cannabis may have played a role in both sustaining his escalating [N.sub.2]O abuse and potentiating its psychotomimetic effects.