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Of or relating to a genre of film characterized by bizarre or shocking story lines, often shot on a low budget.

[Probably psycho- + (elec)tronic.]
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Organised by Anarchistic Overtones, the lovely folks behind the Manchester Punk Festival, this NYE spectacular features live music from Stand Out Riot, Revenge Of The Psychotronic Man, Riggots, Wadeye, Habits and The Mighty Bossmags.
com)-- Upstart indie game company Psychotronic Studios released their first game on kickstarter earlier this week.
15] The fact that pyramidal effects with conscious intent transcend ordinary space-time in various experiments suggests that the pyramid is a psychotronic generator and space-time transducer.
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concered psychotronic generators--hardware devices, often with nothing under the casing that ostensibly utilized psychic energy.
The general, who was a counselor of the Romanian Parliament and manager of the Special Center for Situations and UFO and Psychotronic Research (Centrul Special de Situatii si Cercetari Ufologie si Psihotronice), suggested that some "invisible forces" were used to influence from afar the "mental clarity" of the candidates.
com The Restarts With support from BiteBack, Hated Til Proven, Revenge of the Psychotronic Man and The Wasters.
The development of weaponry based on new physics principles, direct-energy weapons, geophysical weapons, wave-energy weapons, genetic weapons, psychotronic weapons, and so on, is part of the state arms procurement programme for 2011-2020," the paper quoted Serdyukov, as saying.
The psychotronic duo started with authorized re-edits of '60s and '70s tunes, then turned out a series of bewitching remixes for contemporary acts and recently moved into the production booth for Brit troubadour Findlay Brown.
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