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 (tĭz′ən, tĭ-zăn′)
A medicinal infusion, such as sweetened barley water.

[Middle English tisane, peeled barley, barley water, from Old French, from Latin ptisana, tisana, from Greek ptisanē, from ptissein, to crush.]
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1. (Brewing) grape juice drained off without pressure
2. (Cookery) a variant spelling of tisane
[C14: from Old French tisane, from Latin ptisana, from Greek ptisanē barley groats]
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"Hold your tongue!" said the king, between two swallows of his ptisan. "You split our head!"
When Gringoire paused at last, quite out of breath, he raised his head tremblingly towards the king, who was engaged in scratching a spot on the knee of his breeches with his finger- nail; then his majesty began to drink from the goblet of ptisan. But he uttered not a word, and this silence tortured Gringoire.
You will continue your ptisan and we will answer for your majesty."