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Excessive flow of saliva.

[Greek ptualismos, salivation, from ptualizein, to salivate, from ptualon, saliva, from ptūein, to spit.]
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(Pathology) excessive secretion of saliva
[C17: from Greek ptualismos, from ptualizein to produce saliva, from ptualon saliva]
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(ˈtaɪ əˌlɪz əm)

excessive secretion of saliva.
[1675–85; < Greek ptyalismós expectoration =ptýal(on) spittle + -ismos -ism]
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excessive salivation, usually associated with chronic mercury poisoning.
See also: Poison
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Noun1.ptyalism - excessive flow of saliva
salivation - the secretion of saliva
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Every dog owner has experienced ptyalism, aka drooling, at one time or another.
Abstract: A 25-year-old female yellow-naped Amazon parrot (Amazona auropalliata) was presented for an acute onset of lethargy, ptyalism, and regurgitation.
Ptyalism, slow or absent gag, slow or absent swallow on laryngeal palpation, and regurgitation are all consistent with pharyngeal, laryngeal, and oesophageal disease.
A eight year old non descript bullock referred with history of anorexia since last ten days with ptyalism and difficulty in prehension.
Additional clinical signs were ptyalism with frothing from the mouth and dyspnea with gurgling respiration.
Drooling (also known as driveling, ptyalism, sialorrhea, or slobbering) is when saliva flows outside the mouth, defined as "saliva beyond the margin of the lip".
21 Leaf Sialorrhea or ptyalism (symptoms: excessive salivation), helminthiasis (symptoms: abdominal pain).
Generalized clinical signs of dental disease can include anorexia, halitosis, ptyalism, facial swelling, oral ulceration, and pain.
Prior reports by other investigators had put the incidence of ptyalism in pregnancy at no more than 1%, she added.
Respondents noticed a modest relationship between ptyalism severity and diet.