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The stage of adolescence in which an individual becomes physiologically capable of sexual reproduction.

[Middle English puberte, from Old French, from Latin pūbertās, from pūbēs, pūber-, adult.]

pu′ber·tal, pu′ber·al (-bər-əl) adj.
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Adj.1.pubertal - of or related to puberty


adj puberal
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Although the treatment of STIs or preventing unwanted pregnancy is not as complex as pubertal suppression or use of cross-sex hormones, the consequences of foregoing medical care of STIs (for example, the possibility of infertility due to pelvic inflammatory disease) or unexpected pregnancy are also life changing.
Many critics of pubertal suppression hold a modernist teleological worldview, but others, like Dr.
The dance teacher is in a position to guide young dancers through the pubertal transition, although dancers rather than teachers are often the focus of research.
Puberty From Bench to Clinic: Lessons for Clinical Management of Pubertal Disorders
The ANOVA two-way test with Bonferroni's post hoc was used for the determination of differences among the variables obtained in HRDP between the males and females during the maturation period pre-pubertal, pubertal, and after-pubertal.
Pubertal onset requires the gradually increased and periodic impulsive secretion of gonadotropin-releasing hormone (GnRH), which is produced by hypothalamic GnRH neurons [1].
At T1, after evaluation by pediatricians, only subjects in Tanner pubertal stage 1 were included.
Methods: A study of 91 IHH, 27 CDP patients, 6 prepubertal children, and 20 pubertal adults was undertaken.
Research shows that teenagers are at increased risk of poor mental health, antisocial behaviour and risk-taking behaviour which might be because of stronger emotional responses of pubertal changes in adolescence which can affect child's health later in life and can have long-term effects.
Table 2: Position of Testes in Cadavers Age Abdominal Inguinal Neck of Scrotal Scrotum Pre pubertal -- -- -- 4 Pubertal -- -- -- 2 Reproductive -- -- -- 20 Andro pausal -- -- -- 24 Total 50
The research was innovative in an aspect that previous studies have looked at the effect of smoking marijuana in adult rats and humans but this is the first time that the effects have been studied in pubertal boys.
9,10 The intensity, onset, and duration of the pubertal peak in mandibular growth are characterized by great individual variations.