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Noun1.public executioner - an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrantpublic executioner - an official who inflicts capital punishment in pursuit of a warrant
electrocutioner - an executioner who uses electricity to kill the condemned person
hangman - an executioner who hangs the condemned person
headman, headsman - an executioner who beheads the condemned person
killer, slayer - someone who causes the death of a person or animal
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I do not think that I am naturally a cruel woman, but I would hand such men over to the public executioner with joy.
A supplementary clause was tacked to the sentence, to the effect that "the aforesaid Cornelius van Baerle should be led from the prison of the Buytenhof to the scaffold in the yard of the same name, where the public executioner would cut off his head.
 have your head struck off by the public executioner at three
Bloodlust So even the public executioner in this non-drinking country is unlikely to raise many eyebrows when asked at mocktail parties what he does for a living.
Mr Butler doesn't just want to be police commissioner, he also wants to be judge, jury and public executioner.
The film is an adaptation of Arnold Zweig's novel of the same name, set in 1934, and depicts the story of a local butcher, Albert Teetjen, who accepts money from the Nazis to serve as a public executioner, and the moral issues which eventually haunt him, driving him to a ruinous end.
Beth Fitzgerald and writer and co-star Ross Gurney-Randall appear in the provocative play about Ruth Ellis and public executioner Albert Pierrepoint in the last hours leading up to her hanging.
It was during 1952 that Albert Pierrepoint, public executioner, hanged Mahmood Mattan at Cardiff Prison and by ending his life inflicted a near lifetime of misery upon his remaining family.
He was like Gilbert and Sullivan's Pooh-Bah who held every important office except public executioner.
In 1901 he wrote from Manchester applying to the Home Secretary for the job of public executioner.
Then there's Lady Betty, listed as Public Executioner.
He was Britain's last hangman, the public executioner at the hangings of Ruth Ellis, James Hanratty and Derek Bentley.

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